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    Default Tactician 18/2 ro or mo vs pure

    I have a 36 point WF Tactics fighter, I use Sap, Imp Sunder, Imp Trip and Stunning blow on him to extreme effectivenss. Hes designed to be pure as it stands but im starting to doubt this as being ideal. Capstone while TWF (since doublestrike cant proc offhand hits) seems like it's not all that great (altight its cool but not... "great") and there is not tactical DC gain between level 18 and 19-20 so....

    18str + 3 tome
    14dex +4tome
    18con +3tome
    10int +4tome
    7wis +3tome
    7cha +3tome

    2 Rogue? 2 Monk?

    I use epic chaos blade, so monk would require a penalty and umd usage (reachable but mildly annoying due to significant gear changing) but would give me wis to ac (with CE on and this along with a gear swap im actually looking at solid ac in anything non epic), one more feat (probably take Quickdraw which i otherwise dont have), maybe 3 to all resists with an enhancment point or something, much better Balance and Evasion.

    Rogue would make my umd high enough to use anything umdable in the game, some sneak attack damage (how close does this come to matching 10% mainhand doublestrike?), the LOSS of a feat (probably sap), the ability to pick locks (but not do traps, not enough skill points), allow True Neutral (thus eliminating chaos damage from mobs such as Demon Queen), much better balance and haggle.... and Evasion.

    I keep going back and forth on if i want to LR at all, i keep debating my self....

    do i have enough reflex to make evasion effective ? (18base dex, +6 item , +5 saves, ship buffs, +gh... i duno..)

    would losing capstone and sap(which i much enjoy) be worth more UMD, pick lock, sneak attack, and evasion?

    would the annoyance of UMDing Echaosblades,getting a neg level and losing capstone be worth quickdraw, balance, situational AC and evasion ?

    is staying pure perhaps actually most efficient and effective ?

    Need some 3rd party opinions, thanks in advance

    (((note: i already have a +3 lesser heart and am happy to use it. I will absolutelly not be doing any further LRing or TRing however. also, monk would require an alignment change on top of the LR... which i can easily afford i have a metric ton of turbine points so thats "nearly non-issue)))
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    Monk 2 feats or Rogue UMD

    It is a tough tossup.

    Pure fighter didn't really appeal to me.

    I looked at 2 Monk and it is a pretty nice option but since I dumped WIS....

    I went with WF Fighter18/Rogue2 - 40 UMD so no fail heal scrolls. Even with the raise on the UMD for Arty scrolls I can selfcast on my weapons and make them insta-DR breakers. Took Hamstring as a feat. 70AC isn't as good as I would like, is ok for the old raids but could use some tweaking. I must have been drunk as I went chaotic good, so will fix that at some point. Self Buff to 1k HP, lots of hate and 76 intimidate doesnt give much opportunity to lose aggro. Crafted LOB beaters, and have the poor mans chaosblades (Brigand's cutlasses - Scimitars from the cove event slotted with silver)
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    and several once viable raiding alts dumped into the packmule stables..

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    Quote Originally Posted by eulogy098 View Post
    do i have enough reflex to make evasion effective ?
    9 base
    +4 base Dex
    +3 6 Dex item
    +4 GH
    +3 Kensei or SD
    +5 resistance item
    28 (Arraetrikos' DBF on elite is a 34 save, so you take no damage 75% of the time.)

    Bare minimum.
    +1 luck
    +1 alchemical SOC
    +2 ship buffs
    +1 Haste
    +3 GS exceptional saves item

    You could always use something besides eChaosblades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinerd View Post

    You could always use something besides eChaosblades.


    I love my Echaosblades. one of them was built before sands scrolls were freebies.

    but seriously, how painfull do you guys think the lawful bit of monk would be when using them? how bad is that neg-level? is it an actual neg level such as what those filthy fleshbags get from beholders or is it something else? Ive never used them on a non neutral or any other such effect.
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    The eChaosblade neg level is simply an afterthought on a lawful aligned char. As an exploiter last life I enjoyed mine alot while doing epics and devil raids. I only have one though DQ\eDQ just doesnt wanna give me another base and shard [maybe next year]. I do like 18/2 with rogue better though.
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