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    Bought the $80 pack because of the tomes. Otherwise would've bought the $30. The tomes were worth the investment for me, as I play quite a few characters and TR quite a bit. I would've bought the tomes anyways if they weren't in the pack, so buying the full version was a no brainer for me.
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    Cause money ain't a thang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garlor View Post
    in short is like marrying with someone I have never seen nor talked to
    Dear Garlor,

    Your analogy is actually quite good. Buying the expansion sight unseen is like marrying your pen pal: If you've written to them long enough, you can rest easy. You know them. You can trust them. You will love them no matter what, accepting what is good, and helping to heal what is broken.

    Is it completely logical or rational?


    Then again, when was love ever completely logical or rational?


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    On one hand, I feel kinda stoopid, because when the expansion finally drops, I actually don't expect to have even a single character of high enough level to play in the expansion area. Too many characters at mid-levels on TR's, too many alts, and a lack of determined focus. I probably won't even take a character into MoTU content until about six months after its release.

    Since I purchased the expansion, I've taken out my cosmetic pets once each, looked at them, named them, and haven't taken them out again since. I'm not a huge fan of "cosmetic fluff" in video games, so they're already collecting dust. I might take them out for a screenshot or something like that at some point in the future, but I'll probably forget I even have them, and they won't be included in the shot.

    The Spider Mask is absolutely pointless on my casters, since my favorite casters already have the glowing circlet from the DDO Store. Though the bonuses from the two items are different types according to their descriptions, the buffs from the two items over-write each other, thus rendering one of the two items as a total waste of $$$ and inventory space forevermore on those characters.

    The included adventure packs are pointless, since I'm still a VIP (please don't mock me!). I suppose it will be nice to have them added to my account, just in case I ever decide to drop the VIP subscription, but then I'm not expecting it to work that seamlessly. I expect I'd have to deal with customer service to have them activated after-the-fact, and besides, I don't intend to drop the VIP subscription in the near future (don't judge me!).

    Veteran status? Heh.

    The figurine of wondrous power is pretty cool, but again, it's gonna be a while before I have a character doing level 18-20 quests again, where they could use it without incurring an xp penalty. Currently, there are only 25 quests in which you could use the figurine without an xp penalty.

    The 2,000 TP's is kinda nice, since I've been using them quite a bit lately. I've been finding myself solo'ing a lot of quests lately, probably due to their decline in popularity. I'm nostalgic though, so I still like to run them. Sometimes I find myself having to use TP's to cover my butt when I forget things like vital spell components or potions.

    The tomes of learning for all my characters is definitely nice, even though I'm one of the weirdos who likes playing thru the game, and feel that it progresses quickly enough. However, there is enough xp in the game now, that I don't worry about wasting a bit here and there by adventuring with my saved-up xp maxed out.

    I am looking forward to playing a Druid, I might even be excited. I doubt that a Druid will ever become my favorite character to play, since they've never been one of my favorites while playing PnP DnD, but I'm highly intrigued, and expect to enjoy what DDO team has done to bring the class "to life."

    So, why did I pay for the CE pre-order?

    Quite simply for the reason that I enjoy DDO (sometimes more than others), and since I feel like I'm getting my money's worth, I have no qualms about paying them for something now, for delivery at a later time. I've been mostly happy with Turbine's product for quite a few years, and expect nothing less from them in the future, so I'm comfortable with paying for more than I expect to use.

    Quite frankly, I justify it in my mind by considering it a "tip," much like I'd give to my favorite server at my favorite gnosh spot. They give me enjoyment, I give them money. Isn't that what money's for?
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    VIP, bought the $30 package because I want to concentrate on a couple characters and therefore didn't find unlimited lesser tomes were worth the extra 50 bucks.

    Bought it to gain XP playing epics, play a lvl 25 sorc and generally be awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cendaer View Post
    So, why did I pay for the CE pre-order?

    Quite simply for the reason that I enjoy DDO (sometimes more than others), and since I feel like I'm getting my money's worth, I have no qualms about paying them for something now, for delivery at a later time. I've been mostly happy with Turbine's product for quite a few years, and expect nothing less from them in the future, so I'm comfortable with paying for more than I expect to use.

    Quite frankly, I justify it in my mind by considering it a "tip," much like I'd give to my favorite server at my favorite gnosh spot. They give me enjoyment, I give them money. Isn't that what money's for?
    I haven't bought the pre-order yet, but I'm planing too and likely going for the basic version since I'm VIP. While the cosmetic stuff might be nice, the adventure packs and the XP tomes are not use to me and I don't think they're worth $50. However, I do support Turbine and that is the reason I'm staying VIP - I don't really feel the need to scrimp and save $10 when I enjoy DDO. Sure it might be a bit more expensive as how many premium folks like to brag on how much they save, but like you said it's kinda like leaving a little tip after a nice meal.

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    Battlecat was the number one reason I went with the $80 option.

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    I ordered it cuz I could, about 2 minutes after the update was released in fact.

    Turbine doesn't give us sneak peeks. Never has, never will. If you're unsure then don't buy it until after it's released. It's as simple as that.

    As a note, I'm ViP and I bought the $80 package for two accounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by learst View Post
    ...the adventure packs and the XP tomes are not use to me and I don't think they're worth $50...
    The difference between the Collector's Edition and base is $50.00, but take into consideration that the CE nets you 2000TP.

    The difference in the value of the packs is not truly $50.00 then.

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    I do 3 month VIP subscriptions, let them run out, buy a few things on sales over a couple weeks, rinse, repeat. I'll probably drop VIP for good eventually.

    I got the collector's pack for unlimited tomes and the battlecat. Since I'm still new, I didn't have any of the other content unlocked, either, so it was a pretty good deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garlor View Post I'd like to know why people who has preordered it has done so, most specifically the 30$ version since this one gives no actual benefit

    Pre Ordered the day it was available for such a thing.

    Did buy the CE pack though due to Learning Tomes though. Those pretty much sold me the package.
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    Default My thoughts on the packages

    Here is my two cents on the pre-sale packages. First, I am no uber player, I am a premium player with 4 toons on one server that has already bought all the current content. So here are my thoughts on the packages:

    • Tome of learning, I only want one for the toon I am working towards completionist, but with the bravery bonus I am quite happy with the XP having not to farm quest to level, besides at level 17 I almost have 3000 total favor which earned me almost 750 turbine points.
    • The cosmetic pets, don’t do anything for me and the game already has enough lag without adding something that has no real use in the game.
    • The old quest packs, I already paid cash once, I am not paying a second time for something I already own.
    • Do I really want to pay so much for more bugged content? Sorry, but I have played other MMO’s, including LOTRO, and DDO is the most bugged game I have ever seen.

    Those are my big issues with the presale packages, however I do think Turbines marketing department is about as good as the quality assurance department. Firstly, having the VIP’s buy the package is really bad marketing, VIPs have always gotten all the content and now to make them buy content on top of the VIP fee is just plain wrong. I myself would add another tier of VIP and for one or two dollars more a month the new content would be included. The packages I think should have several groups of choices that you can pick from and build the package that is best for you.

    I have yet to buy a package, but if I do it will be the cheapest one.

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    I preordered because I
    A) Have the money at this time.
    B) Will use the pre-order benefits.
    C) Am fully willing to support the development team of this game by purchasing their product. The work they have done so far is really good, even though a vocal minority will pick out one of two flaws in the game and bash it hard on the forums. Overall, I spend a large amount of my free time playing this game, and hope to continue doing so. If my purchase helps the Devs get more support from the marketing team to get more content into the game so that I can pay for it, then sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by windchant View Post
    no..because dIII, nwn ol and gw2 are coming..and they cost less then 80 to buy..

    yes.. because this is the only dnd mmo out there before nwn ol release...
    See for myself none of those are appealing and wouldn't be even if they were free especially the last two

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    Not yet, but I am...

    For 79.99

    You get benefits that far exceed the face value.

    +30% tome...
    The + 10% tome on ALL CHARACTERS... FOREVER!
    I'm an admitted Alt-a-Holic... This to me is awesome!

    Add to that I am a very casual player so anything that can help
    Me keep up with my friends is a win/ win in may book.

    2,000 Turbine points (This alone is worth a $25.00 Game card from the store)

    Vets status 4 & Vets status 7... On All servers... Oh Yeah.

    The wondrous figurine...

    The exclusive pet...

    Two Challenge quest packs...

    The Elite spider Mask...

    And last but not least... Access to DRUID!

    Echrich of Premium perspective did a great breakdown of the Value...
    On DDOCAST, and I have to say... As one who had to drop from VIP
    to F2P... I am very thankful to be able to take advantage of this...
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    I was initially sold because I thought the expansion tomes were levelling tomes, not exp boosters. But before I bought it, I figured the amount of content in point value alone was worth the purchase.

    Even after I figured out my n00b mistake on the tomes, I still like the purchase enough to say it was worth it.

    That combined with the cake for 6th year makes things a lot easier in terms of building up. I will soon cap out my slot allotment, make a few druids, and have something of everything when I tr some into other classes for rounding it all out.

    Many of the perks are definitely worth the cost IMHO.

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    I bought it for the mathematical deal + learning tomes on all toons + less hassle for all access to the new content and character class on the day of release.

    The figurine panther hireling is fairly useful when soloing challenges. It cripples the archer and caster AI to half movement speed and they become easily killable.

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    Bought the $50 for the single Greater tome (one completionist toon) and most of the content I wanted (including druids and challenges and 1000TP over the base pack).

    Plus I've been here from the start - about time for an expansion.

    Though I'm probably most excited about the build possibilities (and hopefully parity after a few patches/updates) of full 3 PRE's for every class. Even though that part goes to anyone running the game.
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    Tomes. That was the clincher for me. Got the ce for my son as well.

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