Equipment Issues! With so many options I always have a hard time figuring out how to gear my toons.

I rerolled my RockCandy Build and I am making an HElf Intimi Turtle Tank 18/2 Fighter/Monk.
I took all 3 dragonmarks for the Fang and/or Chimera's 20hp
Stats I have all +3's Tomes and after 20 ToD's got him a +4 Int tome
Strength 14 End 22
Dexterity 14 - 17
Constitution 16 - 19
Intelligence 10 - 14
Wisdom 13 - 16
Charisma 13 -16
I am trying to work around what I currently have and what I need to farm.

I want to go with the Abashi 3 peices. Cloak and Boots for sure.
What I know I am going with:
Trinket: Epic Brawns 20Intim +2 Con(exceptional) Blue: Slotted with +2 Good Luck
Cape: Epic Envenomed: +7 Con Blue: Slotted Toughness 20HP (farm)
Neck: Epic Grims +7str +3 Dodge or Stalwarts Necklace +6 con 15% Hate +2ac
Gloves: Gloves of the Claw: +5 intim 30% healing Amp +6 Str Slotted with GFL(need to Farm)
Boots: Boots of Corrosion: Disintegration Guard Slotted +6 Dex (need Scroll)
Goggles: Already made GS 45 HP +6 Dex Skills of Smoke

My options
Sirens Belt +8 AC + 5 Protection or ToD Vornes Belt + 6 Con GFL +2 Ref-Will Saves when combined with ToD ring or Large slot Belt(not sure what to add to it) or different belt
Helm: Epic Chimera's or Epic Helm of Frost? Yellow:Sloted with Heavy Fort
Ring Options: Gnawed Ring(to go with Vornes Belt) +6 Str +1 Con
Cinders Band to go with Stalwarts Necklace +6 Str +1 Con + 20% heal amp
Circle of Hatred 15 Intim 30% Hate +5 Resistance save(need to Farm)

Bracers: If i go with the Chimera's Helm I have to go with the Scorched Bracers
Epic Scorched Bracers +8ac Fire Resist Green Slot
Epic Bracer of the Claw: +2 Con Heavy Fort, Set bonus +4 Damage 20% Hate(need to farm)
Bracers of Wind level 16 with +1 Dodge(already have blur on my Goggles)

Icy Rainments: Dodge +4

Parasitic Breastplate - +5 Breastplate: [counts as Light Armor, Armor Bonus 10, Max DexBonus 8] Symbiotic Flexibility, Diehard, Trace of Madness, Symbiotic Backlash, Rough Hide (Stacking Natural Armor Bonus +3) [ML:14, BtA] With obession(100% extra threat for 15 seconds or Displacement Guard)

Epic Rakshasa Hide - Light Armor (Hide) - AC 11 (Including enhancement), Max Dex 10 (including Nimbleness). +6, Rough Hide (stacking +3 AC), Heightened Awareness 4, Superior Nimbleness, Roar, Attack Bonus +2, Blue Slot

Crafted with Large Slot
Epic Templar's Bulwark - Tower Shield - Base AC 5 - 1 higher than normal AC, Base DR6 (12 after enhancement) - +6, Mithral, Inherent (10) Fire Resistance, Inherent (10) Cold Resistance, Inherent (10) Acid Resistance, Inherent (10) Lightning Resistance, Violet Slot
Light and Darkness: +5 Enhancement Bonus Superior Stability Protection +4 Resistance Save +4 DR 5/Epic Adamantine Mithral Bashing