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    Waiting in the lava pits to chain trip you on the way to Prison of the Planes

    Default PL Grab: 18 FvS / 2 Artificer

    I think this one wouldn't be too horrendous even at cap, but since I'm intending to TR on hitting 20, I specified it as such. Also, there are many better builds if you intend to play a FvS at cap that don't gimp the character with repeaters and trap skills.

    Human 18 FvS / 2 Artificer

    36 point build (32 point reduce Int to 14 and Str to 8)
    STR 10
    CON 14
    DEX 16 (+3 tome)
    INT 15 (+3 tome)
    WIS 8
    CHA 16 (+5 level-ups)

    1 Arti 1 Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, [Free Rapid Reload], [Free Crossbow Proficiencies]
    2 Arti 2 [Rune Arm Use]
    3 FvS 1 PL: Barb (or Toughness)
    4 FvS 2
    5 FvS 3
    6 FvS 4 Maximize
    7 FvS 5
    8 FvS 6
    9 FvS 7 Empower
    10 FvS 8
    11 FvS 9
    12 FvS 10 IC: Ranged
    13 FvS 11
    14 FvS 12
    15 FvS 13 Quicken
    16 FvS 14
    17 FvS 15
    18 FvS 16 IPS
    19 FvS 17
    20 FvS 18

    FvS specific feats aren't prescriptive - will fly by the seat of my pants at level-ups with respect to both deity and energy resistances. Spell wise all I really care about are Divine Power, Divine Punishment, Divine Favor, Blade Barrier, the various heals and maybe Death pact.

    Arti for traps, the first force line enhancement for Blade Barriers and repeater + rune arm funzies. Will also grab AoV II from FvS because I'll have the points and it looks fun.

    Skill points will be: 2 (FvS base) + 3 (Int) + 1 (Human) per FvS level. This means I can max: Concentration (class skill), Search, Disable Device, and put half-ranks into Balance (After level 11 the +3 int tome means you can put in whole ranks of balance!). It's sad to lose UMD, but if I'm honest I'd only use it for teleport scrolls on a divine.

    Feat-wise I'll be sad to lose Empower Healing and Extend Spell, but I don't see them as essential for a levelling build. I have no intention of playing at cap, but healing shroud normal should be doable with just Empower, Maximize and the lower level mass heals.

    Not much more to it; I appreciate DCs will be appalling, but Max-Emp Divine Punishment is silly great and 95% saved against BBs are still pretty awesome. IPS (on trash with Rad II then Sneak Attack+5 and Stalker Ring Exceptional SA) will pick up the damage slack despite the lack of INT mod to x-bow damage. Should also be able to heal pugs like a pro.

    Posting this earlier than usual since FvS aren't my thing and I won't cap my current life to TR into it for a week or two.

    EDIT: Totally changed my mind on this. I'll level faster doing what I usually do.

    Arti 7 Barb 1 FvS 12
    STR 10 +2Tome
    CON 14 +3Tome
    DEX 16 +3Tome
    INT 18 +3Tome +5
    WIS 8 +2Tome
    CHA 10 +2Tome

    1 Arti 1 Point Blank Shot, Rogue Dilettante
    2 Barb 1
    3 Arti 2 PL: Barb, Rune Arm
    4 Arti 3
    5 Arti 4 Precise Shot
    6 Arti 5 Maximize
    7 Arti 6
    8 Arti 7
    9 FvS 1 Empower
    10 FvS 2
    11 FvS 3
    12 FvS 4 IC: Ranged
    13 FvS 5
    14 FvS 6
    15 FvS 7 IPS
    16 FvS 8
    17 FvS 9
    18 FvS 10 Quicken
    19 FvS 11
    20 FvS 12

    I get IPS at 15, Divine Punishment at 18, and Sprint Boost, Flame Turret and Insightful Damage for levelling... I'm just happier with all my staples for an easier first 18 levels than sacrificing heaps to ensure I get Blade Barrier. I had intended to try and actually get the 'high level near-pure divine' experience, but bah. It can be on another character or after the expansion or something. I'm still hoping to hit Completionist before the expansion drops, so can't really afford to risk levelling in a way I'm not experienced with.
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    I don't get it, Favoured Soul is so much better than Artificer, and you want to ruin it with 2 Arti ?
    Just go pure.

    Edit; Max Wisdom ofc.
    Sweep Pick or Die!
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    But in terms of actual quest ideas, perhaps something where Halflings ride around on Warforged in battle-backpacks with shoulder-mounted repeating crossbows.

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    I don't understand why you went CHA-based; you know it's WIS which affects your DCs and you only need enough CHA to meet casting pre-reqs, right?

    Since your plan is to TR immediately on hitting 20, it doesn't matter that you get lvl 9 spells at cap. In that case, what about a splash of something else to add more feat(s)? For that matter, do rune arms really add that much?

    Also, rather than skill pts into Search, could you rely on Find Traps spell instead? That might enable UMD instead.

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