Cosmetic pets are something that's probably gonna stay for a long time, and I can see turbine releasing a good number of diverse pets with tricks. That assumption makes me wonder about something though.

Currently, we have 10 slots for cosmetic pets, each pet has 5 skill slots that can be filled as it appears. However, 9 of those 10 'pet slots' can already be filled since each 'color' of the rat and kobold shaman pet takes it's own pet slot.

My question is as following: If, or when, we get enough pets to fill up all those slots, what then? Are we unable to gain other pets? Do we have to release one of our pets so we can slot a new one? Or will it just make more slots available so we can have the full array of pets available to all our characters?

Same question goes for cosmetic gear: what if we would get enough cosmetic gear on a single pet to go beyond those 5 slots?

For obvious reasons, I'd prefer not to have to test this on my real account, since there's always the chance that we're stuck without our choices.