I was just reading about a dwarf PM tank. I wanted to get some feedback on a similar idea I've been considering for a while. I don't plan to actually make the build until after the enhancements are unveiled.

I was hoping to go with 12 wiz, 6 fighter, 2 rogue. This would allow DoT tanking, shield feats, stalwart defender (+more hps), evasion, and better UMD access (plus maybe divine dilli).

As such I was hoping for helf.

I have a couple basic questions.

1. why is 18wiz/2 - better than 12 wiz for dot tanking if you are relying on on-hit procs?

2. can you be in say vampire form, plus stalwart stance?

3 (not a question). helf may not be the best race (WF had obvious benefits) but I would like to be able to scroll heal/raise/other things in certain situations.