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    Default Diary of an untwinked cleric

    This diary is complete.

    This diary is inspired by MrCow's Diaries of a True Reincarnate and my own experience with reincarnation and altoholism. Every time I start new character, I'm able to supply so many twinked gear and basically unlimited number of potions, wand, scrolls and whatnot. So I decided to try something different. New character on new server with no twinked gear, no plat and no guild buffs.

    I will not go into so much details as MrCow's diaries, like xp/min or run every single quest that is in the game. But I will try to run all "major" quest on the way. Main reason behind this diary is just curiosity, I want to know how hard/easy it is without twinking and since I just caped my reincarnated cleric, I want to compare those two.

    Dwarf 19/1 Cleric/Fighter 32p(unfortunately I was not able to create 28p as I unlocked 32p via tp)
    STR 16
    DEC 8
    CON 16
    INT 8
    WIS 16 +levelups
    CHA 12

    1 Weapon proficiency: Great-axe/ swap for Toughness at Lev12
    3 Empower Heal
    6 Empower
    9 Maxim
    12 Quicken
    13Fighter bonus Power Attack
    15 Mental toughness
    18 Improved mental toughness

    why cleric? when I started playing ddo I started with fighter, but without plat I had no potions, without potions I was unable to heal myself or cure curses, diseased and such. And maybe my memory is fuzzy but I remember running harbor quests permanently cursed. So I started a cleric so I could heal and cure myself with sp => cleric is a good choice

    why dwarf? my first cleric was dwarf, but since then I played only humans, half-elfs and wf => nostalgic reasons

    notes about exp/min:
    I decided to do exp/min for comparison with MrCow's diaries, but there are few things why they should not be taken literally.
    1) although I had run 99% quests in game before, many of them I had run only once or twice => I never learned how to do them efficiently
    2) I run untwinked character so I have to run them slower and safer
    3) exp/min is not very good indicator if the quest is good or not, quest difficulty should be considered, 200xp/m in easier quest is better than 400xp/m in quest where failure is very likely


    This was interesting journey. I sure appreciate my twink gear/raid loot much more. And to anyone who thinks that the games has become too easy.. no, I don't think so. I personally consider cleric to be very powerful class and I don't think that leveling him without twinking was easy. It's about right imo. If anything few things should be easier. But it's hard suggesting something that would make game easier for new players without making it a complete joke for twinked trs.
    So my only suggestion is that random loot should be easier to get. Quest at low/mid levels don't drop anything useful. Only hope is AH, but finding good deals is hard. And I also don't think that Cannith crafting is the answer. I am still using korthos gear at l20 for god's sake.
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    Level 1:

    Not much different than on TR as I usually don't twink before lev3 anyway. Easy as it can be.

    Quest Completions (8) - ~30min
    Heyton's Rest - N
    Storehouse's Secret - N
    Cannith Crystal - N
    Collaborator - N
    Stopping the Sahuagin - N
    Sacrifices - N
    Necromancer's Doom - N
    Redemption - N

    93 plat, 37 gold, 8 silver, 7 copper

    goggles of insight
    feather cloak
    anger's steps
    rugged belt
    straw hat
    molin's great axe

    Quest Breakdown
    Heyton's Rest (video)
    2:57 - Finish Quest

    779 EXP
    264 EXP per Minute

    Storehouse's Secret(video)
    1:46 - Finish Quest

    377 EXP
    213 EXP per Minute

    Cannith Crystal(video)
    2:28 - Finish Quest

    352 EXP
    142 EXP per Minute

    3:10 - Finish Quest

    1254 EXP
    396 EXP per Minute

    Stopping the Sahuagin(video)
    4:19 - Finish Quest

    783 EXP
    181 EXP per Minute

    2:53 - Finish Quest

    945 EXP
    327 EXP per Minute

    Necromancer's Doom(video)
    2:42 - Finish Quest

    464 EXP
    171 EXP per Minute

    4:47 - Finish Quest

    864 EXP
    180 EXP per Minute
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    Level 2:

    Again not much different than on TR. It is a little harder, but still very easy.

    Level up
    concentration +1
    Dwarven Axe dmg I, Cleric Life Magic I, Cleric Wand and Scroll Mastery I

    Quest Completions (9) - ~1h
    Misery's Peak - N
    Durk's Got a Secret - N
    Walk the Butcher's Path - N
    The Miller's Debt - N
    Garrison's Missing Pack - N
    An Explosive Situation - N
    Information is Key - N
    Recovering the Lost Tome - N
    The Kobolds' New Ringleader - N

    379 plat, 23 gold, 7 silver, 2 copper

    anger's gift

    Quest Breakdown
    Misery's Peak(video)
    16:02 - Finish Quest

    2911 EXP
    181 EXP per Minute

    Durk's Got a Secret(video)
    3:04 - Finish Quest

    1447 EXP
    471 EXP per Minute

    Walk the Butcher's Path(video)
    6:40 - Finish Quest

    2007 EXP
    301 EXP per Minute

    The Miller's Debt
    missing data

    Garrison's Missing Pack(video)
    4:36 - Finish Quest

    1098 EXP
    238 EXP per Minute

    An Explosive Situation(video)
    2:03 - Finish Quest

    374 EXP
    182 EXP per Minute

    Information is Key(video)
    3:33 - Finish Quest

    1568 EXP
    441 EXP per Minute

    Recovering the Lost Tome(video)
    5:21 - Finish Quest

    1249 EXP
    233 EXP per Minute

    The Kobolds' New Ringleader(video)
    2:56 - Finish Quest

    2051 EXP
    699 EXP per Minute
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    Level 3:

    I start to notice big difference. Normally at lev3 I already have invulnerability, medium fortification and other nice gear. Without this gear and with my mindset coming from playing twinked TR, I put myself in dangerous situations, situations that are no thread for TR but can be deadly for new players. Have to say that WW on normal was as hard as WW on elite with TR. And by hard I mean easy anyway.

    Level up
    concentration +1
    Improved Heal I, Divine Vitality I, Cleric Smiting I, Prayer of Life I
    Feat: Empower Heal

    Quest Completions (14) - ~2h (don't really know, will keep better track of time next level)
    The Kobold's Den: Clan Gnashtooth - 2xN
    The Kobold's Den: Rescuing Arlos - 2xN
    Venn's Trail: Clan Tunnelworm - 2xN
    Venn's Trail: Venn's Fate - 2xN
    Heyton's Rest - H
    Storehouse's Secret - H
    Collaborator - H
    The Kobolds' New Ringleader - H
    Information is Key - H
    Stealthy Repossession - N

    1209 plat, 15 gold, 9 silver, 11 copper

    feather falling ring WW end reward
    graskith's skullcap WW end reward
    ring of light fortification

    1 - Venn's Trail: Clan Tunnelworm - lost connection for a min, reconnected dead

    Quest Breakdown
    The Kobold's Den: Clan Gnashtooth(video)
    9:02 - Finish Quest

    2279 EXP
    252 EXP per Minute

    The Kobold's Den: Rescuing Arlos(video)
    5:58 - Finish Quest

    2491 EXP
    417 EXP per Minute

    Venn's Trail: Clan Tunnelworm(video)
    11:46 - Finish Quest

    3772 EXP
    320 EXP per Minute

    Venn's Trail: Venn's Fate(video)
    5:03 - Finish Quest

    1374 EXP
    272 EXP per Minute

    Stealthy Repossession(video)
    3:30 - Finish Quest

    1651 EXP
    471 EXP per Minute
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    I commend you on performing a task like this, because after doing it nearly 6 times, I understand the amount of work it takes. It will be nice to have both a different person's perspective as well as a different target audience in mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by Algulcz
    I will not go into so much details as MrCow's diaries, like xp/min
    I did all the EXP per minute calculations by hand my first time around, and I realized when it came time for the second that it was one of the more time consuming and error prone parts of the process. Thus, I made a tool (32-bit Windows only) to help with that, allowing me to give it the quests I do at the level I do them, along with the bonuses I obtain, and it spits out the EXP-per-minute stuff, the EXP breakdown, and the Quest Completion bits for me. It was made primarily for self use, but it should be decently intuitive to use if you want to give it a try.

    Good luck!
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    Level 4:

    This level was really slap in the face. I just can't pull the same stuff I do on TR. Low AC, no DR and low to-hit => I get hit a lot for a lot of dmg and I kill stuff longer. And on top of that sneak attacks, they hurt a lot. So from this level forward I will zerg a lot less. But on the other hand, boss in STK wasn't as hard as I remembered him and in swiped singed I didn't notice single sleet storm.

    Level up
    concentration +1
    Cleric Wisdom I, Dwarven Axe Attack I
    Wisdom +1 levelup

    Quest Completions (21) - 3h31min (spend a lot of time running from place to place)
    First Strike - N
    The Hobgoblins' Captives - N
    Yarkuch's War-plans - N
    Whisperdoom's Spawn - N
    The Deadly Package: The Stronghold Key - N
    The Friar's Niece - N
    Return to the Sanctuary - N
    The Old Archives - N
    The Crypt of Gerard Dryden - N
    Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral - N
    Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs' Crypt - N
    Endgame: Marguerite - N
    Endgame: The Archbishop's Fate - N
    Redfang the Unruled - N
    The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Blockade - N
    The Cloven-jaw Scourge: The Caverns of Shaagn - N
    Halls of Shan-To-Kor - N
    Where There's Smoke... - N
    The Captives - N
    The Sacred Helm - N
    The Swiped Signet - N

    12978 plat, 12 gold, 9 silver, 8 copper

    +14000p : sold belt with medium guild slot, yay I'm rich
    -3000p : bought +2 heavy mace of pure good

    feather falling boots Halls of Shan-To-Kor end reward
    Sanctuary Catacombs end reward

    Deaths - 4
    Whisperdoom's Spawn - webed, crited, incaped and didn't stabilize, I underestimated wisperdoom's acid dmg, should have prepared acid resistance, but got flawless victory anyway
    The Deadly Package: The Stronghold Key - got 1st flawless run, 2nd run i tried to run it as I usually run it=zerg to the end, but without invis i got harried and ganked
    Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs' Crypt - zerg like usual, but was unable to handle it
    Endgame: The Archbishop's Fate - yep, could not believe it myself, got greased and beaten

    Quest Breakdown
    First Strike(video)
    2:45 - Finish Quest

    1157 EXP
    420 EXP per Minute

    The Hobgoblins' Captives(video)
    4:28 - Finish Quest

    1312 EXP
    293 EXP per Minute

    Yarkuch's War-plans(video)
    3:55 - Finish Quest

    1551 EXP
    396 EXP per Minute

    Whisperdoom's Spawn(video)
    5:00 - Finish Quest

    1811 EXP
    362 EXP per Minute

    The Deadly Package: The Stronghold Key(video)
    4:25 - Finish Quest

    2119 EXP
    479 EXP per Minute

    The Friar's Niece(video)
    1:52 - Finish Quest

    747 EXP
    400 EXP per Minute

    Return to the Sanctuary(video)
    3:01 - Finish Quest

    1492 EXP
    494 EXP per Minute

    The Old Archives(video)
    3:27 - Finish Quest

    1353 EXP
    392 EXP per Minute

    The Crypt of Gerard Dryden(video)
    8:59 - Finish Quest

    1547 EXP
    172 EXP per Minute

    Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral(video)
    5:00 - Finish Quest

    1271 EXP
    254 EXP per Minute

    Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs' Crypt(video)
    4:55 - Finish Quest

    1601 EXP
    325 EXP per Minute

    Endgame: Marguerite(video)
    6:51 - Finish Quest

    986 EXP
    143 EXP per Minute

    Endgame: The Archbishop's Fate(video)
    1:32 - Finish Quest

    150 EXP
    97 EXP per Minute

    Redfang the Unruled(video)
    4:55 - Finish Quest

    1195 EXP
    243 EXP per Minute

    The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Blockade(video)
    12:07 - Finish Quest

    2314 EXP
    190 EXP per Minute

    The Cloven-jaw Scourge: The Caverns of Shaagn(video)
    18:20 - Finish Quest

    4850 EXP
    264 EXP per Minute

    Halls of Shan-To-Kor(video)
    7:08 - Finish Quest

    3505 EXP
    491 EXP per Minute

    Where There's Smoke...(video)
    4:10 - Finish Quest

    1425 EXP
    342 EXP per Minute

    The Captives(video)
    4:30 - Finish Quest

    1690 EXP
    375 EXP per Minute

    The Sacred Helm(video)
    11:38 - Finish Quest

    2548 EXP
    219 EXP per Minute

    The Swiped Signet(video)
    9:28 - Finish Quest

    2961 EXP
    312 EXP per Minute
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    Level 5:

    Surprisingly easy level. I was taking it slow, generally being careful and it works out well. There were few dangerous moments, but I managed to pull through. Even "Freshen the Air" went really well, I only used 3 potions of remove poison and 2 charges from wand of cure serious wounds.
    One other surprise was necro1. Those quest were really long and bosses were quite a challenge. For the 1st tomb I didn't prepare cure curse/disease potions, thinking that I will just kill the boss fast enough to not need them. Well that didn't worked out, and even fighting 2nd boss with potions I realized that healing that mummy back to death is better and safer.
    This level also reconfirmed that "The Bookbinder Rescue" is my most hated quest in the game.

    Level up
    concentration +1
    Improved Heal II, Cleric Life Magic II, Cleric Improved Turning I

    Quest Completions (24) - 3h58min
    Irestone Inlet - N
    Stand Your Ground - N
    Dirty Laundry - N
    The Stormreaver Fresco - N
    The Bookbinder Rescue - N
    Repossession - N
    Come Out and Slay - N
    The Depths of Darkness - N
    The Depths of Despair - N
    Freshen the Air - N
    Rest for the Restless - N
    Proof is in the Poison - N
    Tomb of the Crimson Heart - N
    Tomb of the Sanguine Heart - N
    Tomb of the Immortal Heart - N
    The Deadly Package: Agent of the Darguul - N
    Doom of the Witch-doctor: The Way to Zulkash
    Doom of the Witch-doctor: Zulkash, Herald of Woe - N
    The Last Move: The Way to Yarkuch - N
    The Last Move: Yarkuch's Last Stand - N
    The Lair of Summoning - N
    Archer Point Defense - N
    The Depths of Discord - N
    The Depths of Doom - N

    8273 plat, 11 gold, 8 silver, 8 copper

    -1343p,2g,5s : Wand of cure serious wounds
    -447p,7g,5s : 5xpotion of remove poison
    -54p,7g,2s,5c : hireling
    -876p,6g,4s : 10x remove disease potion
    -876p,6g,4s : 10x remove curse potion
    -526p,1g,6s : wand of bull's strenght

    disease immunity ring
    proof against poison belt of light fortification
    boots of invis 1/1

    Deaths - 0

    Quest Breakdown
    Irestone Inlet(video)
    18:32 - Finish Quest

    2855 EXP
    154 EXP per Minute

    Stand Your Ground
    missing data

    Dirty Laundry(video)
    3:13 - Finish Quest

    1347 EXP
    418 EXP per Minute

    The Stormreaver Fresco(video)
    5:40 - Finish Quest

    1862 EXP
    328 EXP per Minute

    The Bookbinder Rescue(video)
    5:50 - Finish Quest

    1543 EXP
    264 EXP per Minute

    3:07 - Finish Quest

    1702 EXP
    546 EXP per Minute

    Come Out and Slay(video)
    6:49 - Finish Quest

    1228 EXP
    180 EXP per Minute

    The Depths of Darkness(video)
    2:15 - Finish Quest

    1162 EXP
    516 EXP per Minute

    The Depths of Despair(video)
    1:04 - Finish Quest

    979 EXP
    917 EXP per Minute

    Freshen the Air(video)
    11:27 - Finish Quest

    2751 EXP
    240 EXP per Minute

    Rest for the Restless(video)
    6:53 - Finish Quest

    1863 EXP
    270 EXP per Minute

    Proof is in the Poison(video)
    25:49 - Finish Quest

    6228 EXP
    241 EXP per Minute

    Tomb of the Crimson Heart(video)
    10:26 - Finish Quest

    2877 EXP
    275 EXP per Minute

    Tomb of the Sanguine Heart(video)
    9:31 - Finish Quest

    3499 EXP
    367 EXP per Minute

    Tomb of the Immortal Heart(video)
    7:20 - Finish Quest

    3188 EXP
    434 EXP per Minute

    The Deadly Package: Agent of the Darguul(video)
    1:01 - Finish Quest

    1309 EXP
    1287 EXP per Minute

    Doom of the Witch-doctor: The Way to Zulkash(video)
    1:54 - Finish Quest

    1830 EXP
    963 EXP per Minute

    Doom of the Witch-doctor: Zulkash, Herald of Woe(video)
    5:57 - Finish Quest

    1870 EXP
    314 EXP per Minute

    The Last Move: The Way to Yarkuch(video)
    1:55 - Finish Quest

    917 EXP
    478 EXP per Minute

    The Last Move: Yarkuch's Last Stand(video)
    4:56 - Finish Quest

    1815 EXP
    367 EXP per Minute

    The Lair of Summoning(video)
    6:03 - Finish Quest

    1791 EXP
    296 EXP per Minute

    Archer Point Defense(video)
    7:00 - Finish Quest

    1196 EXP
    170 EXP per Minute

    The Depths of Discord(video)
    5:14 - Finish Quest

    1367 EXP
    261 EXP per Minute

    The Depths of Doom(video)
    3:47 - Finish Quest

    1196 EXP
    316 EXP per Minute
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    Level 6:

    Not much to say about this level. I learned that heavy crossbow fire rate is surprisingly low, my turn undead is unreliable and my jump skill sux( I had hard time jumping on the balcony in partycrashers). Also Blast wizard hireling is a blast, I just set him on aggressive and he is doing very good job killing stuff and healing himself.

    Level up
    Concentration +1
    Feat: Empower Spell
    Cleric Radiant Servant I

    Quest Completions (24) - 4h19min
    A Small Problem - N
    Partycrashers - N
    The Snitch - N
    Under the Big Top - N
    Guard Duty - N
    Legend of Two-Toed Tobias - N
    Garl's Tomb: The Troglodytes' Get - N
    Ghost of a Chance - N
    Prove Your Worth - N
    The Stones Run Red - N
    The Mystery of Delera's Tomb - N
    The Missing Party - N
    Free Delera - N
    Thrall of the Necromancer - N
    Splinteskull chain on casual

    10642 plat, 8 gold, 15 silver, 4 copper

    +4200p ring with small guild slot
    +704p wand of invis
    -3000p +1 Full plate of invulnerability
    -1351p +1 shock greataxe of righteous

    voice of the master delera end reward
    crimstone gemstones splinteskull end reward
    ogre power +2 gloves

    Deaths - 0

    Quest Breakdown
    A Small Problem(video)
    19:28 - Finish Quest

    4936 EXP
    253 EXP per Minute

    17:18 - Finish Quest

    3190 EXP
    184 EXP per Minute

    The Snitch(video)
    9:25 - Finish Quest

    2987 EXP
    317 EXP per Minute

    Under the Big Top(video)
    10:26 - Finish Quest

    3510 EXP
    336 EXP per Minute

    Guard Duty(video)
    5:11 - Finish Quest

    793 EXP
    152 EXP per Minute

    Legend of Two-Toed Tobias(video)
    14:11 - Finish Quest

    2257 EXP
    159 EXP per Minute

    Garl's Tomb: The Troglodytes' Get(video)
    9:40 - Finish Quest

    1885 EXP
    195 EXP per Minute

    Ghost of a Chance(video)
    6:20 - Finish Quest

    2440 EXP
    385 EXP per Minute

    Prove Your Worth(video)
    9:03 - Finish Quest

    1749 EXP
    193 EXP per Minute

    The Stones Run Red(video)
    8:49 - Finish Quest

    3216 EXP
    364 EXP per Minute

    The Mystery of Delera's Tomb(video)
    12:37 - Finish Quest

    3134 EXP
    248 EXP per Minute

    The Missing Party(video)
    13:51 - Finish Quest

    7517 EXP
    542 EXP per Minute

    Free Delera(video)
    8:53 - Finish Quest

    4401 EXP
    495 EXP per Minute

    Thrall of the Necromancer(video)
    10:44 - Finish Quest

    7856 EXP
    731 EXP per Minute
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    Level 7:

    At the start of lev7 I tried Behind the Door challenge, it was supposed to be just a test run without completing ( basically just to test time table, how long will take me to run from A to B without haste/striding, how long will take me to kill mob or boss), but after being locked in permanent knockdown by two air elementals I decided to just finish it, ended up with two starts and didn't record video. On the plus side, they didn't kill me, just incaped me few times.
    Rest of the quest at this level were pretty easy, with 3 exceptions.
    1) the pit, mostly easy until the end fight, and I didn't had proper ooze beater so I broke almost every weapon I had
    2) devil assault, 4th wave was quite challenging, thieflings hit hard and break DR/magic, also lots of sneak attacks
    3) tear of dhakaan, really long quest and I was runing low on sp most of the time, trip+lot of mobs = big danger, had to be extra careful there
    And I started solo guild so I can wear my superior potency helmet.

    Level up
    Concentration +1
    Dwarven Axe dmg II

    Quest Completions (14) - 3h42min
    Devil Assault - N
    Valak's Mausoleum - N
    Redwillow's Ruins - N
    Dead Predators - N
    Caged Trolls - N
    Purge the Heretics - N
    Ruined Halls - N
    The Forgotten Caverns - N
    The Bounty Hunter - N
    The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka - N
    The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust - N
    Mirra's Sleepless Nights - N
    The Pit - N
    The Tear of Dhakaan - N

    7428 plat, 7 gold, 8 silver, 1 copper

    -1315p,2g,6s,6c wand of cure serious wounds
    -4000p cloak of detect secret doors
    -1000p superior potency I helm
    -594p,2g,9s the pit repair bill
    -523p,4g,6s,2c wand of bull's strength
    -436p,2g,2s 5xpotion of rage

    charismatic +2 cloak

    Deaths - 0

    Quest Breakdown
    Devil Assault(video)
    26:37 - Finish Quest

    7877 EXP
    295 EXP per Minute

    Valak's Mausoleum(video)
    16:16 - Finish Quest

    2931 EXP
    180 EXP per Minute

    Redwillow's Ruins(video)
    19:06 - Finish Quest

    6264 EXP
    327 EXP per Minute

    Dead Predators(video)
    2:57 - Finish Quest

    942 EXP
    319 EXP per Minute

    Caged Trolls(video)
    4:20 - Finish Quest

    1334 EXP
    307 EXP per Minute

    Purge the Heretics(video)
    3:04 - Finish Quest

    1057 EXP
    344 EXP per Minute

    Ruined Halls(video)
    3:48 - Finish Quest

    2996 EXP
    788 EXP per Minute

    The Forgotten Caverns(video)
    4:14 - Finish Quest

    1830 EXP
    432 EXP per Minute

    The Bounty Hunter(video)
    5:37 - Finish Quest

    2320 EXP
    413 EXP per Minute

    The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka(video)
    1:57 - Finish Quest

    791 EXP
    405 EXP per Minute

    The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust(video)
    4:16 - Finish Quest

    1432 EXP
    335 EXP per Minute

    Mirra's Sleepless Nights(video)
    2:23 - Finish Quest

    1356 EXP
    568 EXP per Minute

    The Pit(video)
    43:43 - Finish Quest

    17398 EXP
    397 EXP per Minute

    The Tear of Dhakaan(video)
    41:40 - Finish Quest

    15917 EXP
    382 EXP per Minute
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    Level 8:

    Somewhat boring level, not many quest at this level range. Sentinels chain is not very good, the quests are long and reward mediocre exp, and they are pretty hard. Died once in Storm the Beaches almost at the end and almost died in The Tide Turns at end fight (I forgot about the water elementals, they didn't spawned before the ogre mage so I thought that they don't spawn on normal difficulty). Loot also sux.
    So I decided to do Delera chain for end reward. I wanted to try carnifex, even though it is pretty late to start using it. It would have been nice at lev4, but at lev9...probably not as much.
    And to finish this level I chose Xorian Cipher. I run this quest a lot for Planar Gird so I was quite confident. Bought lev1 hireling from the store with tp I got for favor and went in. Well, it took me 4 tries to finish it, died twice and bailed once, this quest truly deserve the "Extreme Challenge" tag. Unfortunately I recorded only half of the quest. I stopped recording when I alt-tabed to check map for a rest shrine(I actually didn't know where it was as I never used it before) and forgot to start recording again. And no planar gird

    Level up
    Concentration +1
    Wisdom +1 levelup
    Cleric Wisdom II

    Quest Completions (20) - 3h35min
    Bargain of Blood - N
    The Black Loch - N
    Storm the Beaches - N
    The Tide Turns - N
    The Grey Moon's Den: The Trollish Scourge - N
    The Grey Moon's Den: Extermination - N
    Gwylan's Stand - N
    Delera Chain - N, C
    The Path to Madness - N,3xC
    The Xorian Cipher - N

    9597 plat, 12 gold, 12 silver, 10 copper

    charismatic +3 cloak delera end reward
    carnifex delera end reward

    Deaths - 3
    Storm the Beaches - about to enter main base, was low on health when 3 hobgoblins slayers spawned, got crited, tried to back out and heal, but got crited again and failed concentration check, died shortly after that
    The Xorian Cipher - 1st run - zerg to the first hall, gathered all undead around me, clicked turn undead and... nothing, didn't turn single one of them, was dead almost instantly
    The Xorian Cipher - 2nd run - taking it slow and it was going well, but run out of sp, buffs expired, and got soundburst stunned

    Quest Breakdown
    Bargain of Blood(video)
    6:14 - Finish Quest

    2425 EXP
    389 EXP per Minute

    The Black Loch(video)
    14:27 - Finish Quest

    3450 EXP
    238 EXP per Minute

    Storm the Beaches(video)
    15:12 - Finish Quest

    4158 EXP
    273 EXP per Minute

    The Tide Turns(video)
    17:54 - Finish Quest

    3499 EXP
    195 EXP per Minute

    The Grey Moon's Den: The Trollish Scourge(video)
    5:25 - Finish Quest

    2563 EXP
    473 EXP per Minute

    The Grey Moon's Den: Extermination(video)
    5:20 - Finish Quest

    2458 EXP
    460 EXP per Minute

    Gwylan's Stand(video)
    24:11 - Finish Quest

    8727 EXP
    360 EXP per Minute

    The Xorian Cipher
    ~20:00 - Finish Quest

    11386 EXP
    569 EXP per Minute

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    Level 9:

    Fairly easy level thanks to Flare hireling, sure he doesn't listen very well, is slow and dies a lot, but he makes quest on normal difficulty so much faster and easier. One exception is Stromvauld's Mine, and that was kinda surprising to me. I always treated this quest as a trash quest, you go in, kill stuff and get xp. But I must say that this quest is annoyingly difficult thanks to archers shooting you from everywhere.
    And big thanks to the person who was selling superior briliance V shard on AH for only 3500p.

    Level up
    Concentration +1
    Cleric Charisma I, Cleric Smiting II
    Feat: Maximize Spell

    Quest Completions (15) - 4h43min
    Caverns of Korromar - N
    Spies in the House - N
    The Temple Outpost: Captives of the Cult - N
    The Temple Outpost:The Libram of the Six - N
    The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple - N
    The Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate - N
    Tomb of the Shadow Lord - N
    Tomb of the Shadow Knight - N
    Tomb of the Shadow King - N
    Tomb of the Shadow Guard - N
    Tharashk Arena - N
    The Prisoner - N
    Stormcleave Outpost - N
    Haunted Library - N
    Stromvauld's Mine - N

    26002 plat, 12 gold, 9 silver, 14 copper

    +21000p : necklace of contemplation
    +2848p : xorian forged blade
    -3500p : superior briliance V shard
    -5000p : deathblock robe of axeblock
    -2500p : sacred robe of invul

    necklace of contemplation and xorian forged blade that I sold on AH, nothing else even remotely interesting

    Deaths - 1
    The Prisoner - being careful without deathblock was not enough, beholder got me

    Quest Breakdown
    Caverns of Korromar(video)
    31:52 - Finish Quest

    8204 EXP
    257 EXP per Minute

    Spies in the House(video)
    20:14 - Finish Quest

    9541 EXP
    471 EXP per Minute

    The Temple Outpost: Captives of the Cult(video)
    6:53 - Finish Quest

    2841 EXP
    412 EXP per Minute

    The Temple Outpost:The Libram of the Six(video)
    3:32 - Finish Quest

    3181 EXP
    900 EXP per Minute

    The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple(video)
    4:19 - Finish Quest

    3352 EXP
    776 EXP per Minute

    The Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate
    video corrupted
    ~8:00 - Finish Quest

    ~4245 EXP
    ~530 EXP per Minute

    Tomb of the Shadow Lord(video)
    12:48 - Finish Quest

    5675 EXP
    443 EXP per Minute

    Tomb of the Shadow Knight(video)
    15:44 - Finish Quest

    10567 EXP
    671 EXP per Minute

    Tomb of the Shadow King(video)
    18:17 - Finish Quest

    11937 EXP
    652 EXP per Minute

    Tomb of the Shadow Guard(video)
    18:39 - Finish Quest

    6731 EXP
    360 EXP per Minute

    Tharashk Arena(video)
    12:57 - Finish Quest

    4589 EXP
    354 EXP per Minute

    The Prisoner(video)
    19:18 - Finish Quest

    6286 EXP
    325 EXP per Minute

    Stormcleave Outpost(video)
    27:34 - Finish Quest

    8965 EXP
    325 EXP per Minute

    Haunted Library(video)
    12:48 - Finish Quest

    5584 EXP
    436 EXP per Minute

    Stromvauld's Mine(video)
    17:31 - Finish Quest

    8662 EXP
    494 EXP per Minute

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    Level 10:

    Nice level. Red fens quest are fairly easy, give good xp and nice loot. I even managed to do Claw of Vulkoor without being detected. On the other hand I didn't even considered demon optional in Into the Deep, that one is brutal.
    Haywire Foundry and The Church and the Cult are kinda meh. But The Shadow Crypt and The Jungle of Khyber are great.
    Shadow Crypt was very easy thanks to Flare hireling(his firewall is still doing good job), there was one bad moment at the end but I pulled through.
    Jungle of Khyber was harder, but still doable. Interestingly, the biggest challenge was not beholders but archers, i hate those guys.

    Level up
    Concentration +1
    Cleric Prayer of Smiting I, Cleric Prayer of Incredible Smiting I, Cleric Prayer of Incredible Life I

    Quest Completions (9) - 3h08min
    The Claw of Vulkoor - N
    Fathom the Depths - N
    The Last Stand - N
    Into the Deep - N
    Haywire Foundry - N
    The Church and the Cult - N
    The Shadow Crypt - N
    Gateway to Khyber - N
    The Jungle of Khyber - N

    31663 plat, 5 gold, 10 silver, 4 copper

    Gloves of the Claw
    Bracers of the Claw
    Siren's Charm

    Deaths - 0

    Quest Breakdown
    The Claw of Vulkoor(video)
    10:39 - Finish Quest

    6877 EXP
    645 EXP per Minute

    Fathom the Depths(video)
    13:34 - Finish Quest

    7533 EXP
    555 EXP per Minute

    The Last Stand(video)
    7:58 - Finish Quest

    3440 EXP
    431 EXP per Minute

    Into the Deep(video)
    23:43 - Finish Quest

    8724 EXP
    367 EXP per Minute

    Haywire Foundry(video)
    28:28 - Finish Quest

    12058 EXP
    423 EXP per Minute

    The Church and the Cult(video)
    10:43 - Finish Quest

    4010 EXP
    374 EXP per Minute

    The Shadow Crypt(video)
    18:26 - Finish Quest

    22683 EXP
    1230 EXP per Minute

    Gateway to Khyber(video)
    1:37 - Finish Quest

    1153 EXP
    713 EXP per Minute

    The Jungle of Khyber(video)
    29:19 - Finish Quest

    24774 EXP
    845 EXP per Minute

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    Level 11:

    Yay, blade barrier aka "I win" button. Well..., no not really. With my low sp pool I just can't cast is all the time, and I still don't have potency vi item. I bought some efficiency vi clickies to have at least something, it's not perfect but it did boost my confidence little bit.
    As a first quest I did Reclamation and it put me back on earth. This quest was really hard, and once again it was the archers, they do fairly low dmg but they shoot so fast and from everywhere. When I did this quest on TR I had so high AC that they miss 100% of the times, but with my uber 9ac they hit 100% of the times.
    Rest of this level was boring and annoyingly long, I decided to farm some equipment, specifically minos helm and ring of stalker L12. Farming tapestries took me about 3h. Interesting is that to get 20 tapestries I had to kill ~35rares, and apart from tapestries I got 1x sigil piece and 2x shield fragment.
    Thankfully, this farming got me enough exp that I could skip Restless Isles and Ruins of Threnal.

    Level up
    Concentration +1
    Cleric Charisma II

    Quest Completions (11) - ~5h
    Reclamation - N
    Sykros' Jewel - N
    Lava Caves: Colossal Crystals L11 - 3x
    Kobold Island: Kobold Chaos L11 - 2x
    Kobold Island: The Disruptor L11 - 1x
    Hiding in Plain Sight - N
    Gateway to Khyber - N
    The Jungle of Khyber - N

    132.469 plat, 6 gold, 9 silver, 7 copper

    +14000p scarab of absorption
    +35000p shield fragment 5
    +46667p shield fragment 6
    -2500p greater efficiency vi scepter
    -3000p greater efficiency vi scepter

    minos helm
    ring of stalker L12
    scarab of absorption
    shield fragment 5
    shield fragment 6
    sigil piece right pincer

    Deaths - 0

    Quest Breakdown
    18:08 - Finish Quest

    8885 EXP
    489 EXP per Minute

    Sykros' Jewel(video)
    14:33 - Finish Quest

    8240 EXP
    566 EXP per Minute

    Lava Caves: Colossal Crystals L11(video)
    17:00 - Finish Quest

    3002 EXP
    176 EXP per Minute

    Kobold Island: Kobold Chaos L11(video)
    15:00 - Finish Quest

    6063 EXP
    404 EXP per Minute

    Kobold Island: The Disruptor L11(video)
    15:00 - Finish Quest

    3464 EXP
    230 EXP per Minute

    Hiding in Plain Sight(video)
    10:59 - Finish Quest

    4616 EXP
    420 EXP per Minute

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    Level 12:

    This level started great. I made some $ at lev11 so I was able to buy some nice new stuff. First quest (And the Dead Shall Rise...) went reasonably well, but then it got bad. I tried to do Dreams of Insanity and it was fairly easy if you take it slow, but end fight was too much for me. Then I did necro3 quest.
    Tomb of the Tormented: First thing that I noticed was that you can no longer use bb to kill mobs in the maze. I never liked this quest and this change pushed it on my "skip, never to do" list. But for the sake of this diary I gathered all my patience, bought rogue hireling from store and went in. And the second thing I noticed was that you can't use meat to lure Carcass Eaters. I was considering bailing right there. But I stayed and did it. And I will never do it again.
    Tomb of the Unhallowed: Really hard and long, had to use a lot of resources to finish it.
    Tomb of the Blighted: it could have been easy, if my jump skill was a little higher. While trying to jump over mobs I landed on oozes several time, getting stuck in mid air. Repair bill was astronomical.
    Next quest was The Enemy Within and I think this quest should be tagged as "Extreme Challenge". For TR it was long but easy, but for untwinked character it was hell.
    Rest of the level was quite good. Desert side quest are easy, OOB was challenging but doable.

    Level up
    Concentration +1
    Wisdom +1 levelup
    Feat: Quicken Spell
    Cleric Life Magic III, Cleric Radiant Servant II

    Quest Completions (13) - 5h13m
    And the Dead Shall Rise... - N
    Tomb of the Tormented - N
    Tomb of the Unhallowed - N
    Tomb of the Blighted - N
    The Enemy Within - N
    Made to Order - N
    Desert Caravan - N
    Purge the Fallen Shrine - N
    The Chamber of Rahmat - N
    The Chamber of Kourush - N
    Maraud the Mines - N
    Raid the Vulkoorim - N
    An Offering of Blood - N

    ? plat, ? gold, ? silver, ? copper - forgot to record it

    -10500p greater potency vi quarterstaff
    -22220p 20% striding shard
    -10000p proof agains poison belt of false life
    -1500p +4 acid greataxe of pure good
    -9548p 50x scroll of heal
    -8680p 100x potion of cure serious
    -2600p 2xwand of cure serious
    -3500p clever +4 goggles
    -9548p 50x scroll of heal


    Deaths - 2
    Dreams of Insanity - got 4 neg levs during end fight and then failed save on disintegrate
    Dreams of Insanity - cleared one side, lost patience for the second and zerged too much

    Quest Breakdown
    And the Dead Shall Rise...(video)
    12:24 - Finish Quest

    8661 EXP
    698 EXP per Minute

    Tomb of the Tormented(video)
    31:09 - Finish Quest

    18011 EXP
    578 EXP per Minute

    Tomb of the Unhallowed(video)
    28:18 - Finish Quest

    10093 EXP
    356 EXP per Minute

    Tomb of the Blighted(video)
    12:56 - Finish Quest

    7460 EXP
    576 EXP per Minute

    The Enemy Within(video)
    25:16 - Finish Quest

    10255 EXP
    405 EXP per Minute

    Made to Order(video)
    19:57 - Finish Quest

    6592 EXP
    330 EXP per Minute

    Desert Caravan(video)
    12:11 - Finish Quest

    9666 EXP
    793 EXP per Minute

    Purge the Fallen Shrine(video)
    4:32 - Finish Quest

    4462 EXP
    984 EXP per Minute

    The Chamber of Rahmat(video)
    2:55 - Finish Quest

    2061 EXP
    706 EXP per Minute

    The Chamber of Kourush
    video corrupted

    Maraud the Mines(video)
    9:22 - Finish Quest

    6644 EXP
    709 EXP per Minute

    Raid the Vulkoorim(video)
    9:36 - Finish Quest

    4183 EXP
    435 EXP per Minute

    An Offering of Blood(video)
    13:45 - Finish Quest

    9459 EXP
    687 EXP per Minute
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    nice! never thought of a caster hireling for the pre-blade barrier levels ... will remember this for my next 2 fs lives!
    Main characters: Usually on Rhyes, Miniryse or Legolass
    I'm rich! filthy rich! /runs off to AH
    /cry! I'm poor! flat broke!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladywolf View Post
    nice! never thought of a caster hireling for the pre-blade barrier levels ... will remember this for my next 2 fs lives!
    They are nice if you run quests on normal. Their use for hard/elite is very limited.

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    Level 13:

    I decided to change my build by taking 1 level of fighter, gaining effectively 2 feats and loosing very little. I will end up as 19/1 cleric/fighter same as my cleric on 2nd life(and it was great). I took power attack as fighter bonus feat despite my low to-hit, I believe that it will get better.
    Not much to say about quest at this level. Droam invasion arc is decent, but nothing special. Wiz-king is great and fairly easy. ADQ was easy up to the end fight, I had to drink few sp potions there, but I would not call it hard. So the only quests worth noting are invaders and chains of flame.
    Invaders: annoying and hard, I truly hate loosing half of my precious sp due to neg-levels.
    Chains of Flame: 50min of pure hell, had to backtrack few time to get missing key, archers on ledges above that interrupts my attempts to open doors, way too long and exp sux. And at the end I realized I'm missing final key, so I backtracked again, confused about where I might have missed it. Then I remembered that you will get it from prisoners if you talk to them one more time...

    Level up
    multiclass into fighter
    swap feat greataxe<->Toughness
    Jump +1
    Feat: Power Attack
    Racial Toughness I, Racial Toughness II, Fighter Toughness I

    Quest Completions (13) - ?h?m
    The Chamber of Raiyum - 3xN
    Diplomatic Impunity - N
    Frame Work - N
    Eyes of Stone - N
    Invaders - N
    Chains of Flame - N
    Against the Demon Queen - N
    The Chamber of Rahmat - H,E
    The Chamber of Kourush - H,E

    54192 plat, 7 gold, 15 silver, 8 copper

    -20000p robe of invis 5/5


    Deaths - 1
    Zawabi's Revenge - no surprise there, incoming dmg from archers and blades was too high, run out of sp with DQ at 75%hp, I doubt that I would be able to outrun her when she rage anyway

    Quest Breakdown
    The Chamber of Raiyum(video)
    24:41 - Finish Quest

    24979 EXP
    1011 EXP per Minute

    Diplomatic Impunity(video)
    9:25 - Finish Quest

    6236 EXP
    662 EXP per Minute

    Frame Work(video)
    9:36 - Finish Quest

    6998 EXP
    728 EXP per Minute

    Eyes of Stone(video)
    17:11 - Finish Quest

    8612 EXP
    501 EXP per Minute

    26:26 - Finish Quest

    11460 EXP
    433 EXP per Minute

    Chains of Flame(video)
    48:43 - Finish Quest

    10451 EXP
    214 EXP per Minute

    Against the Demon Queen(video)
    29:09 - Finish Quest

    14970 EXP
    513 EXP per Minute

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    Level 14:

    Pretty standard level. Most quest at this level are easy with 2 exceptions, Siegebreaker and A Cabal for One.
    Siegebreaker was way way way way harder then I expected and on top of that my brain stopped working during the end fight. I don't recall having this much trouble with the pentagram puzzle before.
    A Cabal for One was always super annoying, but with untwinked character it was hell.

    Level up
    Concentration +1
    Cleric Smiting III

    Quest Completions (16) - 4h53m
    Assault on Summerfield - N
    Blockade Buster - N
    Undermine - N
    Siegebreaker - N
    Mired in Kobolds - N
    Feast or Famine - N
    A Cabal for One - N
    Trial by Fire - 2xN
    The Maze of Madness - N
    Foundation of Discord - N
    A Cry for Help - N
    Devil Assault - H
    The Chamber of Rahmat - N
    The Chamber of Kourush - N
    The Chamber of Raiyum - H

    67711 plat, 0 gold, 4 silver, 5 copper

    -9548p 50x scroll of heal
    -6000p superior potency vi dagger

    scepter of magi
    +2 holy mace of pure good
    garments of equilibrium
    spectacles of spirit sight

    Deaths - 0

    Quest Breakdown
    Assault on Summerfield(video)
    10:08 - Finish Quest

    5315 EXP
    524 EXP per Minute

    Blockade Buster(video)
    14:07 - Finish Quest

    7315 EXP
    518 EXP per Minute

    19:12 - Finish Quest

    6488 EXP
    337 EXP per Minute

    35:08 - Finish Quest

    16225 EXP
    461 EXP per Minute

    Mired in Kobolds(video)
    5:01 - Finish Quest

    4027 EXP
    802 EXP per Minute

    Feast or Famine(video)
    13:10 - Finish Quest

    8050 EXP
    611 EXP per Minute

    A Cabal for One(video)
    13:54 - Finish Quest

    5614 EXP
    403 EXP per Minute

    Trial by Fire(video)
    6:33 - Finish Quest

    6401 EXP
    977 EXP per Minute

    The Maze of Madness(video)
    14:11 - Finish Quest

    6955 EXP
    490 EXP per Minute

    Foundation of Discord
    corrupted video

    A Cry for Help(video)
    14:53 - Finish Quest

    9341 EXP
    627 EXP per Minute

    Devil Assault(video)
    27:21 - Finish Quest

    10384 EXP
    379 EXP per Minute

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    Level 15:

    I didn't like this level at all. Most quests are incredibly frustrating, hard and long. I think each quest deserve few words.
    Ghosts of Perdition - Fairly good, but I messed up killing the two brothers(had to repeat it 3 times I think) and fighting beholders is always annoying.
    Desecrated Temple of Vol - Good exp/min but I still don't like it. Too many enemies that can disappear/reappear as they wish. And I don't like that.
    Flesh Maker's Laboratory - Super easy until the end fight, took me few mins to get there and then I spend 30min trying to do it. Had to wait 2time for shrine to reset and in the end I still could not do it. So I just gave up.
    Inferno of the Damned - Not hard per se, just too long.
    The Crucible - Annoying, hard and long.
    Madstone Crater - Even more annoying, harder and longer than crucible.
    The Prison of the Planes - Meh, if you skip Xoriat and Lamannia prison its decent.

    The thing is that quests don't have decent optionals. Combined with how long and hard they are(it's quite easy to fail, all it takes is one mistake) than you can spend 30min doing quest for nothing.
    To finish this level I did some S/R/E in the vale and I did enjoyed the change of pace(less exp but more often).

    Level up
    Concentration +1
    Feat: Spell Penetration - this was a mistake, my DC is too low to cast effectively, it's better to just cast DP. I will change it when I get the chance
    Cleric Smiting IV

    Quest Completions (10) - 6h25m
    Ghosts of Perdition - N
    Desecrated Temple of Vol - 3xN
    Inferno of the Damned - N
    The Crucible - N
    Madstone Crater - N
    The Prison of the Planes - N
    Extraplanar Palace - Labor Shortage
    Lava Caves - Time is Money

    65438plat, 12 gold, 10 silver, 12 copper

    -9548p 50x scroll of heal
    -9500p +4 ghost touch dwarven axe of pure good


    Deaths - 3
    Inferno of the Damned - messed up killing the first acolyte for shrine, was running low on sp so I decided to get 2nd shrine, red dungeon alert+knockdown+lots of mob=>dead
    The Crucible - on top of the maze, IK on casters didn't work very well so I tried melee, but got red dungeon alert(probably all those summoned mephits) and got locked in cometfall trip
    Dr. Rushmore's Mansion - Moving Targets - got Ugg in inner courtyard, I was not expecting him there so I had lots of trash mobs behind me, I managed to kill him but was constantly getting earth-grabbed with trash mob hitting me, technically I got one star, but I didn't wanted to wait for timer to run out

    Quest Breakdown
    Ghosts of Perdition(video)
    15:15 - Finish Quest

    9815 EXP
    643 EXP per Minute

    Desecrated Temple of Vol(video)
    11:15 - Finish Quest

    10658 EXP
    947 EXP per Minute

    Inferno of the Damned(video)
    25:42 - Finish Quest

    9593 EXP
    373 EXP per Minute

    The Crucible(video)
    41:11 - Finish Quest

    12758 EXP
    309 EXP per Minute

    Madstone Crater(video)
    42:04 - Finish Quest

    16008 EXP
    380 EXP per Minute

    The Prison of the Planes(video)
    21:01 - Finish Quest

    9793 EXP
    465 EXP per Minute

    Extraplanar Palace - Labor Shortage(video)
    10:00 - Finish Quest

    7481 EXP
    748 EXP per Minute

    Lava Caves - Time is Money(video)
    14:00 - Finish Quest

    8111 EXP
    579 EXP per Minute
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    Level 16:

    Hard level again. I'm not flagged for litany or tor and I didn't wanted to do rest of L15 quests(i don't like anything xoriat related). So I went to do L16 quests instead. I started with Web of Chaos chain. This was my 2nd time running it so I'm not sure if my tactic was correct. Also, I don't think this chain was balanced for new/under-equipped characters, ~30 elemental dmg after 30 was blocked by resistance seems pretty high. And spiders with evasion? Great...
    Vale quests were hard and long, I had problems maintaining SP between shrines and constant spam of dispelmagic wasn't helping. I did try Let Sleeping Dust Lie, I cleared lower floor, read the first journal and went for the second one on the top floor, but I bailed after a while. It was taking me too long to kill just one ogre, I would have to use a lot of resources(heal scrolls-ogres hit hard, maybe even sp potion to keep some buffs up) to finish this quest. And that is not worth it.
    Because I was still missing a lot of exp to lev17, I went back to L15 quests and it was not so bad. They are quite easy and exp/min was better that most vale quests(even Sinister Storage with 364xp/min wins over vale quests).

    Level up
    Concentration +1
    Wisdom +1 levelup
    Cleric Life Magic IV

    Quest Completions (15) - 7h10m
    The Lords of Dust - N
    Servants of the Overlord - N
    The Spinner of Shadows - N
    Rainbow in the Dark - 3xN
    Running with the Devils - N
    The Coalescence Chamber - N
    Ritual Sacrifice - N
    Delirium - N
    Sinister Storage - N
    Missing - N
    Fear Factory - N
    In The Flesh - N
    Acid Wit - N

    74719 plat, 9 gold, 7 silver, 9 copper

    -17099p 90x scroll of heal
    -5000p deathblock robe of greater acid resistance

    charismatic +4 cloak of resistance +2

    Deaths - 3
    Rainbow in the Dark - zerg as usual, failed casting inside gelatinous cube, got harried and then it was fast
    Running with the Devils - zerg again
    Running with the Devils - zerg near the first shrine, cleared everything except for 2 clerics and one nishan, cleric were constantly healing each other and casting cometfalls

    Quest Breakdown
    The Lords of Dust(video)
    16:12 - Finish Quest

    11243 EXP
    694 EXP per Minute

    Servants of the Overlord(video)
    20:40 - Finish Quest

    10867 EXP
    525 EXP per Minute

    The Spinner of Shadows(video)
    33:22 - Finish Quest

    12589 EXP
    377 EXP per Minute

    Rainbow in the Dark(video)
    20:56 - Finish Quest

    13723 EXP
    655 EXP per Minute

    Running with the Devils(video)
    22:10 - Finish Quest

    15275 EXP
    689 EXP per Minute

    The Coalescence Chamber(video)
    45:36 - Finish Quest

    13670 EXP
    299 EXP per Minute

    Ritual Sacrifice(video)
    34:53 - Finish Quest

    12095 EXP
    346 EXP per Minute

    16:28 - Finish Quest

    7584 EXP
    460 EXP per Minute

    Sinister Storage(video)
    10:22 - Finish Quest

    3775 EXP
    364 EXP per Minute

    17:41 - Finish Quest

    7816 EXP
    441 EXP per Minute

    Fear Factory(video)
    12:15 - Finish Quest

    5633 EXP
    459 EXP per Minute

    In The Flesh(video)
    23:15 - Finish Quest

    11541 EXP
    496 EXP per Minute

    Acid Wit(video)
    28:40 - Finish Quest

    7157 EXP
    249 EXP per Minute

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