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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrudh View Post
    Note however that if your tank AC is high enough, you don't need a lot of healing amp.
    Thats why on point 3 you ask if the tank is geared for hate, AC, etc

    That said, Independent of whatever AC you can reach, a character that is build for tanking should ALWAYS invest in healing amp and the more the better! I would risk on saying that building a good tank for endgame and not investing in healing amp is somewhat symptomatic that you dont have enough endgame experience...

    Any-who, my post was a mingle of joking with decent enough advice so take it with a grain fol salt
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chai View Post
    If both healers are using 15+potions per completion, that not an elite group. Choose one of the two other difficulty choices so the entire group can learn the quest.
    It's an expected result of Turbine adding unique loot to the harder difficulties that simply don't drop on Normal. Does the new loot for Hard/Elite show up in 20th lists?

    Unless you're in a mostly static group, it's a waste of time to run it on Normal in an attempt to learn the raid - it'll be a different group next time, so you'll have to run it on Normal again, and again, and again.

    The best thing to do is build your own static group - get the tank(s), CC, and healing roles covered, and hope for the best you can get for the rest.
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    As a healer you shouldn't be using many (if any) SP Pots in VOD...Thats how it should be.

    Obviously ''how it should be'' and ''reality'' in DDO are often somewhat different

    Really it's the PL's responsibility to choose a party that is capable of completeing the raid.

    He should probably take three healers in a PUG hard VOD unless maybe it's a decent WF Tank with an Arcane to Recon.

    Your responsibility as a Healer in this run is to.
    a, Conserve ur mana cos it takes a while and the end bit is frantic
    b, Have plenty of Heal scrolls and maybe a pot or two for emergencies

    Anything else is above and beyond the call of duty and you have to call it ? This decision will be forced upon you as a Healer many many times in VOD , TOD and others in that you are able to keep the party up with indiscriminate Pot usage.

    I have seen a pair of Healers do 50 POTS + between them to complete a failing TOD. What therefore every Healer has to learn is when enough is enough. The answer to that question is up to you

    For me i would never have drank that many. I would have used Scrolls and drunk one Pot for the bats.

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    It's all down to group dynamics.

    Last night solo-healed a Hard VoD with an AC tank, simply because the group knew what to do and just did it.

    To OP: Pick your own groups. You will go far.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendOfAra View Post
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