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    Default Thelanis ~ New Premium Player Seeking Guild/Static Group

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to join up with either a guild or static group so that I can enjoy the game with like-minded players. It would be nice if the guild had light RP elements. However, I don’t know enough about the game setting that I could deeply RP the character in the context of the setting. Those I join must be open to premium players, and will ideally have a friendly environment suited to and welcoming of older players.

    Currently, I am playing a Half-Orc fighter, based on a PnP character I played long ago, that was actually a Half-Ogre as opposed to Half-Orc. It was a fairly free spirited AD&D campaign, to say the least. I would like to play this character if possible. However, it should be known that I designed the character to have a basic feel, like his original 1st edition form. As such, I didn’t take any prestige line, so he probably won’t have an optimal build, so likely wouldn’t fit a performance oriented guild. He is currently at level 2, and has finished most of the introductory island.

    If none are interested in that particular character, I could make another, especially if that is needed to cover a role currently lacked in a static group if I were to become part of one. That being said, as a very new player it would be best if I were not called upon to perform a lynchpin role in the group to start with.

    As an older player I am at times challenged by the fast action of the game, so you should be aware of that. I generally work well with others when in a friendly, respectful environment. I have access to a microphone but do not know how to set it up in the game, so I might need help with that if it is required.

    I am a premium player that currently has access to 32 point builds, Half-Orcs, Favoured Souls, the forthcoming Underdark Expansion, and the following adventure packs:

    • Attack on Stormreach
    • Catacombs
    • Delara’s Tomb
    • Devil Assault
    • Dreaming Dark
    • Path of Inspiration
    • Phiarlan Carnival
    • Red Fens
    • Sentinels of Stormreach
    • Shan-to-Kor
    • Sharn Syndicate
    • Sorrowdusk Isle
    • Tamglefoot Gorge
    • Three Barrel Cove
    • Vault of Night

    If you would to discuss me being part of your guild or static group, please leave a response in this thread with a brief description of your guild/group along with a descriptive page link if possible, and contact information.

    I look forward to hearing from interested parties.


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    Default Recruitment

    Dear Prospect,
    We are recruiting roleplayers. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE BERSERKERS or "ZERGS!" We are a medieval/military/Templar based roleplaying guild that has melded my ADnD 2nd addition "tabletop" campaign of over 20 years w/DDO's campaign.
    I am a DM from ADnD 2nd addition and have been for over 20 years. Our guild is level 31 and has an airship w/all amenities, we are active, however we are recruiting more and more to increase the amount of active members so that at any time (24/7) anyone from our guild should be able to log on and find enough guild members to quest with (so as not to have to find strangers for that.)
    If you are interested (and like minded enough) to roleplay 13th century Templar style, then contact me "Ghonja" on Thelanis server through the floating mailboxes and/or here/or at:
    King Ghonja Flowingwater of Earth
    Grand Master of The Knights of The Covenant

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