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    Quote Originally Posted by Alrik_Fassbauer View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I do wonder if the expansion will be distributed only digitally or via retail, too ?

    I wonder because I'd prefer to buy it in/at retail.

    Maybe I'm out of the norm, but the German market still has a functioning retail market - and a functioning PC market, too. PC gaming might be dead - but not there. Yes, even adventure games have a good market share there ! (They appear to be almost completely died out everywhere else.) The German video games market appears to be strange beast in itself. Because it is so much different from other video games markets worldwide, I think.

    So, to sum it up, I'm positive towards a retail release. Which would have the convenience that I wouldn't have to download everything.

    Digital only, as of now. The original DDO Stormreach boxset was the only physical way to obtain DDO back in 2006.... Hehe I still have the box and the 4 disc set. (nostalgia)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyerz View Post
    Digital only, as of now. The original DDO Stormreach boxset was the only physical way to obtain DDO back in 2006.... Hehe I still have the box and the 4 disc set. (nostalgia)
    Same here, and as I posted above I also have the official third party "cheat book" (read strategy guide) that came out with the game.

    None of it is pertanent any more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambo View Post
    Or, you can periodically download the latest client, save it to your disk, then burn it to DVD or, like I do, put it on a flash drive (faster yet).
    That's actually why I prefer tangible copies. Minimal d/l'ing required.

    Seriously, you're charging for an expansion [not an update] but yet too cheap to make it available for retail?

    One can only wonder what other corners get cut *cough* [randomly select any portion of DDO here] *cough*. Pollen must be getting to me

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    as a new player and an old person i have not seen the packs in any stores in my area. i think for people like me digital is the way to go. (i live in the outback of australia)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambo View Post
    I still have a "Prima Official Quest and Class Handbook" for DDO Stormreach that was released in 2006 just after the game went public.
    I hear of this here for the very first time. Apparingly it was never released here in Germany (like so many other cluebooks by Prima).

    However, by Collector's Edition of DDO (by Atari/Codemasters) from 2006 does contain a handbook.

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    Digital retail is so much simpler for Turbine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonscott87 View Post
    I mean if you had a DDO disc from 6 years ago it will do you no good for installing the game today.
    /silly comment On
    Mine wouldn't work anyway... The install points towards dead European Servers.
    /silly comment off.

    Digital download costs less, and is less a pain than boxes in shops to an editor.

    Boxes require that you have a contractor to make them, make the DvD in them, package them in boxes,
    ship them, distribute them to shops.
    Each part of the chain is going to want it's part of the cake ( revenue from said box )...
    While with digital download, you can charge almost as much as the retail price of a box, while not having to feed all those sharks along the way... But all in all you make a bigger margin on the product... And people will still believe they got a good deal because it was cheaper than from a shop...
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