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Thread: lock up

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    Unhappy lock up

    after update 13 ddo locks up cpu on exit ?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTzigg View Post
    after update 13 ddo locks up cpu on exit ?????
    When you get a chance post your “dxdiag” data (the steps how are in the “how to get help..” sticky linked in my sig)

    NOTE: The Customer Support forums are for Player-to-Player help, for official support, please submit a ticket to the appropriate team via the form here.

    After contacting support, log into your email webpage to add and to their "safe senders" list and your contacts list/address book. Be sure to check Spam/Junk Mail folders as well since most email providers do not let external email programs or cell phones download mail flagged this way.

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    I wish that was the only issue. From ever increasing memory leak, to random in game lock ups [cursor goes to windows pointer], to client crash on exit.

    It's a very common issue, that even Turbine employee players will be getting.
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