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    Default Looking for PD guild

    I want to try out perma-death because it sounds fun doing every quest without spoilers and having the fear that dieing means more than some damaged equipment. I'm vip so quest selection isn't a problem. I'll play on any server. I've tried doing solo PD but it's not that fun soloing everything.for the most part I'd only really be able to play on weekends though (I have school during the week.) any help on finding me a guild would be much appreciated.

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    Come check out Sublime on Thelanis, some of the things I think are our strengths are:

    1. Broker and AH use.
    2. No quest selection rules, though alot of people tend towards the Bravery bonus criteria.
    3. Our guild runs pretty much all non-raid/epic content and a few epics and raids as well.
    4. Active questing during peak hours in all time zones in the US.

    I've played some in most of the major PD guilds, and had fun, but for me Sublime is home.
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    Welcome to Permadeath!
    This link has been around for quite a while, but lists the majority of guilds out there.
    It might be wise to explore different guilds rules to see what fits you best.
    Any guild should have active players when you will be able to play.
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    If you are into no-spoiler play, Mortal Voyage Permadeath Guild has a strong culture in that regard. Good luck in your search.
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