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    If it has reconstruct roll a Warforged!
    Maybe the only exeption is PM, since you dont get so much (immunities doubles, and self healing is already here).
    Otherwise WF makes easiest to play arcanes (including Artificers). Even if you are .5 or 1 DC behind humand you should be able to bring it high enought to work. The other good idea may be 2hf FvS, the only fvs which gate 2h free.

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    most likely sorc, am and arty be your best state above.. XD
    dance in the wind, die in the wind.

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    In my opinion, WF excels greatly in everything. I don't see a problem rolling a WF Pally or WF Ranger, despite they first seem to be awkward.

    WF Barb and Fighter are very good build also ( Power Attack enhancements, people! ), though they really have to work with their healing amp to be viable.

    WF Rogue can be good if built correctly. with UMD, they should be doing well, too.

    WF Monk is proably still the best melee WF. Monk healing amp evens out the WF needs. Also, they can get extra DC to Stunning DCs.

    WF cleric and bard is a viable build, but needs to be done carefully. It's like a "free" version of WF FvS, if people don't have FvS.

    However, the best classes for WF shines in other caster classes: Wizard, Sorcerer, Favored Soul and Artificer.

    Of course, you can break these limits (*cough* Tukaw *cough*)
    Quote Originally Posted by amnota View Post
    Halfling thrower builds are fun.

    Of course the trick is in knowing just how to bend the halfling...otherwise they never come back.

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    I have capped battlesuited halfling:
    FvS - decent dps/durability in a fight, plenty of healing capability & some handy attack spells, good fun
    Sorc - somewhat undergeared so DCs pretty poor, but earth savant so use no-save DoTs anyway... more durable than an average fleshy sorc tho effectively "lose" a level 6 slot since you'll need to take reconstruct which a fleshy wouldnt bother with.
    wiz - went PM, ok not the highest possible DCs but self-healing regardless of form is a handy bonus & plenty of HP.
    arty - survivable, early to mid levels can dominate most stuff at-level on elite thx to relatively high DPS & doggy plus self healing.. pure FUN to play.

    um.. ok a theme there seems to be increased durability vs the highest possible DCs etc.. maybe thats just my playstyle
    I don't mean to come across as unsympathetic - but I am, so I do.

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    Sorc *___*
    Sorc all the way *___*
    And get ready to spread suffering and pain all around *____*

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    Quote Originally Posted by axel15810 View Post
    I agree. Would've made my WF kensai human or horc if I could do it over. I don't think WF are inherently gimped though, just gimped because there are almost no arcanes out there that are willing to both offensive cast and repair. I figured that caster divines both cast and heal so why wouldn't arcanes? Also I would be versatile because I could be healed by any caster. And with all the WF arcanes out there I thought I could team up with them and make a killer duo. But since almost all arcanes refuse to use their repair abilities on others that strategy has backfired.
    Arcanes don't tend to throw reconstruct around because on any warforged worth healing, it still doesn't heal well compared to divines. There is no equivalent to empower healing that affects reconstruct, and many arcanes won't max out their repair enhancements or reconstruction items. Thus, Heal will still tend to land for more than reconstruct, assuming that the WF is at least bright enough to have some Healer's friend.
    There is also no mass reconstruct.

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