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    Quote Originally Posted by Snarglefrump View Post
    Deathblock is a must. The silver flame talisman is very nice if you have one, as it will protect you from level drain ten times.

    Stand in the corner of the door outside of the beholder's room. Shoot the trash in the room to get their attention and melee them when they come to you. Again, stand in the corner outside the beholder's room, so the beholder can't get you. Similarly, plant your hireling someplace the beholder can't see.

    Once, you've taken care of the trash, drink a haste pot, activate any useful boosts and manyshot, then fire with an appropriate bow. I prefer a Banishing Longbow of Pure Good with Holy Arrows (that's a total of 7d6 extra damage, plus an extra 100 damage on a natural 20). The same combo will continue to be useful through endgame, so it's a worthwhile investment. If you can find some Abberation Bane/Slaying arrows, even better. When manyshot runs out or if you've taken too much damage, duck back into your corner.

    Cross your fingers and repeat until the beholder is dead.
    This is great advise for this particular situation. Beholders need line of sight to do anything to you. So if they can't see you around the corner of a doorway, they can't hurt you. Use this to your advantage in many beholder situations by hiding and popping out to shoot and hiding again. Someone mentioned that this beholder can now exit the arena, if this is truely the case you can still do the same things. Once he is drawn out of the arena, then use the doorway to break line-of-sight on the inside of the arena.

    You often don't need more than a pillar to break line of sight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlM View Post
    I am a just qualified level 9 tempest trapmonkey. Having attempted Caverns of Korromar I have no idea how to deal with a beholder. I quest solo with a cleric hireling.

    My first attempt involved by dying in 0 seconds flat. My hireling died just as he got to my soul stone.

    For the second attempt, put on death block armour. He was hovering at a height that seemed I would not be able to reach him to melee I tried to range him but was being thrown about with telekinesis paralyzed regularly and down 5 levels before coming to a not much slower death.

    Looking at the wiki death ward probably wont help much as it will anti magic it.

    Can I reach it with my sword or do I need a pure good bow / arrows (or similar my current bow is silver and I just had my standard +3 arrows)?

    Is spell absorption a must have item? Do I need anything else.

    Was I just unlucky with my saves?

    Or am I just unsuited to fighting beholders?

    In a more general sense as I level up is it expected that you have to read up what is coming up in every quest to you have the right items on and the right buffs set before you encounter a monster. If so this appears to me to spoil the adventure of trying to work my way through dungeons without resorting to spoilers.
    What world are you on?
    Are you F2P, premium, or VIP? If Premium, do you own Necro I and II? If so, run those two quest chains, getting the silver flame nugget from the guy in the necropolic public area and upgrading one time each at the end of each of those. At level 9, the silver flame pendant should keep you alive long enough to take the beholder out quickly.

    There are a lot of strategies for beholders; but one of the easiest to learn (though, it can be expensive if you don't have decent plat built up yet) is to get a str draining (preferably ranged) weapon, attack the beholder with it until he goes helpless, and for ~20 secs(?) he is pummel-able That one has low hit points, so you could very well kill him with 1 drain. Having a summon from a scroll (UMD) or an item such as the staff from Tangle RootCanal can help distract the undead.

    While havok is correct, don't get right up next to the door, go back in the hallway some. The beholder can get right up next to that door and hit you "through the cracks", as it were (i.e. you THINK you're protected, but the physics engine can still mess up and let him hit you).

    And as far as your last question - I dunno about _expected_; but if you want to be prepared upon walking into a quest to complete it, then yes, doing some research on ddowiki or the forums is pretty much a must-do.

    I have a tendency to avoid spoilers on quests I've never done before because it helps me remember (and develop strategy for) what I experienced better than "when you get to the third hallway, go east and jump over the rock barricade". the latter just doesn't sink in as well for me till I know the terrain, etc.

    It's also more fun.

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    Beholders have lots way to kill you, but there are only 3 powers that are a problem

    Death ray : wear a deathblock item (not deathward spell because it will be dispelled)

    Anti-magic cone : only in face of you, but if you are soloing, it will try to face you. That means no buff and no useful spells

    Energy Drain : This is a pain because it reduces your hp AND your saves, making you more vulnerable to other damage spell (disintegrate)

    Undead and warforged are immune to those, so they make good hirelings !
    A good tactic is to send a WF hireling to get the aggro, then yuo can attack the beholder from the side

    As a ranger, your best way to handle beholders is to use bow+manyshot to take it down quickly
    Sneak until you can target the beholder, start manyshot and fire ! Beholder don't have lot of hp so they go down quickly. Also having Precise Sot helkps because you will continue to hit the beholder even if other monsters come between you and your target

    Note : bow have a longer range than beholder eye ray (or maybe it is it's detection range ?) . so if you start firing at maximum range, beholder must move a little before starting to cast ray on you
    The difference is not big, so in Caverns of Korromar it will not make a big difference, but in Invaders, there are place where the beholder has to travel around a hole (yes they float but can't fly over hole) before casting his first ray and he is usually dead before he can target you !

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    Default Now you know

    For all of those noobs, here is the most important thing about beholders.


    Wait until it blinks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrian99 View Post
    First the obvious: wear a deathblock item. If you can stat damage them, go for strength damage.

    Next most important is to understand the anatomy of a Beholder. It has 4 sides-- front, back, left, and right. The front side can hit you with Disintegrate, Enervation, Telekenesis, and Anti-Magic. Not a good combo to fight against, so avoid the front. The back side has Finger of Death and Bestow Curse, and you should avoid those as well. The left side has Flesh to Stone, which is also a bummer. The right side has Hold Monster and Inflict Serious Wounds, which are worthless. So to fight a Beholder, fight on the right side of it.

    This is easier said than done and requires good moving skills, as Beholders tend to move and spin, but it can be done consistently.
    So few people seem to know this about beholders. Their rays aren't all rays on all sides.

    Although I actually seem to have better luck standing on their left-hand side (their left, to the right if facing them).
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    Perhaps what is really needed here is a dialogue. Why do you and the Beholder feel you need to kill eachother?

    Afterall, your target is the Marut, not the Beholder. Maybe come to a compromise. You share the treasure from the room before the Beholder, he lets you through.

    Failing that, Manyshot and WIN. Stay at ranged, move around, have Deathblock, stay near cave entrances so you can duck in to pot or heal. And go to melee weapons when needed. But with Manyshot, you probably wont need to.

    Silver Longbow is your friend, as an Archer. If you have House D rep you could buy Byeshk arrows to get around any DR (Im assuming this is the only DR the VON3 Beholder has).

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    first time I played that quest I soloed it with a rogue and a lot of pots (i was new and wasn't familiar with hirelings). I also wasn't familiar with the quest and was pretty surprised to see a beholder at the end. I ended up killing him with throwing knives from the hall. oh how exciting quests used to be when i didn't have a clue....

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    1. Traditionally, melee are blindfolded, then spun around a few times, provided with a stick and let loose to play the party game by hitting the beholder.

    2. For safety's sake, while a melee is hitting the beholder during the game, all other party members must be kept away (a minimum 15' radius is recommended) from the hitter. Furthermore, the melee should have completely ceased to hit the beholder before you allow the other party members to go grab the goodies spilled on floor. This safety instruction is of utmost importance and cannot be emphasized enough.

    3. Allow each party member to hit the beholder at least a couple of times.

    4. Make sure that all party members have fun and have gotten some candy at the end of the game so save some goodies to balance things out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fool101 View Post
    This is great advise for this particular situation. Beholders need line of sight to do anything to you. So if they can't see you around the corner of a doorway, they can't hurt you.
    Ok, I want to dispute this a little. With the last physics engine, I'd probably agree with you. However, lately, I've found that being around the corner of a doorway does NOT guarantee protection from a Beholder. In fact, in one quest - Invaders, to be specific - I was on the other side of the doorway AND around a corner. I got targeted and disinitgrated anyways. It p*ssed me off to no end.

    I mean, you can't get amy more out of the LoS than I was. Still didn't stop them. I couldn't target them, but they sure as h*ll could target me...

    So, if you are recommending hanging out around a corner, make sure you say WAY around a corner. Otherwise, you're in for a nasty surprise.
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    I've found that with my paladin - who was probably the best suited for taking out a beholder - using a (I think) Byshk Weakening of Enfeebling weapon was the best route to go, though this was at cap where every hit he made had good damage applied to it. With my mainstay fighter, I went with a Byshk Holy of Enfeebling (I think) which applied good damage as well as the stat damage. The bonus is that they work well on Xoriat creatures in general.

    With melees you're stuck with basically stat damagers and running behind and below the beholder. I've seen people use paralyzers to some effect on beholders, thugh this probably isn't going to work on orange or red-named types.

    You best defense in most siturations is an anti-beholder crystal (pally has one) or an Ioun stone. Though those will be spent about halfway through content that is Beholder-heavy like Invaders and Subterrane.

    My biggest problem is with my caster and that anti-magic cone. Not such a big deal with melees.
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    I skipped the middle page so I don't know if this was mentioned.

    A summoned earth elemental will take out the trash through the barriers so you only have to deal with the beholder. Time consuming, but fun to watch as your ele keeps crashing into the upstairs floor and clutching mobs down below.

    As to the beholder itself, good advice already here. On my ranger, manyshot. On my cleric, rush, drop a blade barrier and kite like crazy until you are out of the anti-magic area. Then divine intervention and more kiting.

    Good luck.
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