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    Since I found out this new expansion was coming down the pipe, I kinda stayed away from DDO for a couple weeks (puttered around with STO for a bit, gawd their ground missions stink, but the flying around in starships part is fairly cool). I wanted to let the dust settle before trying to jump into this expansion, and from the announcement I'm still seeing at the top of the forum pages, there still might be some issues delivery/payment/item-usage issues?

    I want to pay, but I really, really don't feel like having to deal with monitoring payments going through (or not, or twice); or logging on a character and then glitching that character into unplayability (or worse). Will I lag my character into oblivion if I attempt to use a related in-game item?

    I've started reading, but seriously guys, this seems like a LOT of "FAQ" for the release of a paid expansion. Sooo many details and conditions to read and absorb, but really, all I want to know is:

    Can I provide my credit card number (safely), log on my main on my favorite server (currently Thelanis), and be good to go?

    I'll be back to check for opinions/answers after I'm finished reading all the FAQs...
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    The expansion itself is working fine now. Once you apply the key, all your characters will be able to use the pre-order ticket item without problem. And any cakes you have not used from the anniversary event can now be used without issue.

    If you are currently a Premium player, and had a subscription in the past, at the end of the process of entering the product key, there may be a display error at the end of the process saying thanks for renewing your subscription. It does not happen very often, but does come up. If you see that, it is just a display error, your credit card will not be charged. If you have any questions about it though, always feel free to contact the Account Management team as they can look into that for you.
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