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    Default Artificer Dilly

    Question on the Artificer Dilly for HElves:

    Does the crossbow proficiency extend to Repeaters? Or just the simple crossbows...

    And, do the additional enhancements improve a UMD'ed item's CL bonus, or just make the CL bonus apply to more things? It says it improves AND extends to wands/pots/etc., or does it mean "improve, THUS it extends to X."

    Lastly, I don't know what "counted as a level 4 artificer" exactly does. I know it means I can attempt to use artificer scrolls, but if I already have +40 UMD, would this give me any benefit?


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    some items have crazy-high UMD requirements (like roderic's wand) which are bypassed by being a certain class. while i don't think roderic's wand is usable by artificers (without UMD), there is a theoretical possibility for that to eventually matter, i suppose.

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