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    Default Third life mele build sugestions

    Looking to TR my now mostly gimped exploiter but not sure whats the best fit for me and im looking for any sugestions for a good primarly solo/small group toon thats still viable at end game.

    First life Pali - - Second life ranger

    several GS Rapiers Gs radiant cloak
    little high end gear, mostly CC epics, Gloves, ring, spyglass and both types of swords. My only finished TOD set is deepwood sniper although I do have draconic and shinto sets just not upgraded.
    Gear is mostly AC build type (Icy/elightned vestments and draconic outfit )and I do have acess to fairly good wraps via another monk alt and so i'm looking at going some type of monk build so that if nothing else i would have monk past life feat if i TR again, although thats not critical.

    Im currently looking at going godhand build although since im lacking most of the epic gear and almost all of the WF items im not sure how viable that would be at endgame for me but im mostly undecided atm so any thoughts would be much apreciated.

    I have played monks, mele and casters so im open to pretty much anything but given the gear i have, some type of mele seems the best bet but again im pretty undecided just now.

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    There are a couple nice small group/solo builds that work throughout 1-20 and can still contribute at 20th, here are links:

    Rockan Robin - helf dark/light monk with crazy high stunning fist and can still be turned into an ac build:

    If you have alot of rapiers and ac gear, id also suggest this build too, its 13 rogue, 6 pally, 1 monk:
    I have one at cap and its a blast to play, at least to me

    Another one thats soloable is splatsplat, 18 pally 2 monk DOS build:

    Hope these help a bit, id go with the monk, its really the least gear intensive.
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    Paly PL + Ranger PL makes me think of :

    I know it sounds like a ranged build but i think it is the best mix around. Using both of your PL is something i would consider to not feel having "wasted" one of these (i hate this feeling on my toons ^^).

    Can be worked out with rapier. Especially IC : piercing would make sense for both bows and rapiers.

    Oh it might not be exactly what you are looking for, but it performs great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arshan View Post
    Can be worked out with rapier. Especially IC : piercing would make sense for both bows and rapiers.
    Imp crit pierce only works with melee weapons. arrows dont count, they fall under the improved critical ranged feat.

    Anywho, Scrabie: GS rapiers are really hard to match up w/ a monk life obviously but if you have wraps from a different source and want to do a monk life thats cool. Noticed a rogue PL wouldnt hurt either and you could do a 13 rogue 6 fighter 1 barb (acro or assassin, i perfer acro) TWF rapier user that would match up well with your GS cloak and rapiers. Ballistic run speed, immunity to knockdowns, great reflex save, UMD self healing, outstanding SA DPS, and better than pure rogue non SA damage. Could even go stalwart I/max intim and be an off tank s&b type.
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