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    This was my attempt at an 1/2 Orc FS on Orien.

    I've decided to consolidate my characters to just two servers - Cannith and Sarlona.

    I decided rather than transferring a clearly gimped character I would remake her on Sarlona.

    I am VIP and have Vet II status, 1 TR and 4 other characters between lvl 13 and 16 on Sarlona.

    What I'm looking for is a build from lvl 1-7 - Once she's off the boat the rest will be up to me.

    Must be 1/2 Orc.

    Please help.

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    I can't get the myddo link to load, but I'm assuming you were looking for a smashy-type FVS going Half Orc and all.

    If that's what you want, I just posted this for someone asking for a Halfling-based build.

    Essentially, build it kinda like a WF Lord of Blades and either commit to 1 feat for weapon proficiency in some smashy THF weapon (maul, greataxe, greatsword, falchion) or using quarterstaves primarily (leveraging your THF and higher orc strength). You might consider not taking Shield Mastery and instead Power Attack since a Half Orc is likely to hit a higher STR than a halfling and with decent enough gear it may be relevant. There are some decent staves available now, both crafted and named; a Stormreaver-boosted and Unsupressed Dreamspitter is a pretty fun for one - Petrifying Shadow Staff, etc. as well in the mid levels - plus the new one in the new chain, etc.
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