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    Default what ever happened with the old forums page style that had news and annoucments?

    and the recent post at the bottom of that? I liked that style much better then just a list of all the forum pages
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    Default i agree

    the other style was easier to use also.

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    Agreed. Every time the website goes down for maintenance, I expect the old design to come back or a totally new one. The old layout was much more pleasant to look at as well as easier to use. It may just be me, but it seems like I see a lot more duplicate threads than I used to.

    As it stands, I don't even look at the main page anymore. I load up the forums and tab out a couple of sections, like the dev tracker and new posts, for example, then I close the front page without reading any of it.

    I keep hoping they're still working on a re-vamped front page layout. It would be nice to go to the forums one morning and see something I'd like to look at, maybe a thumbnail of the screenshot of the week up top, followed by the latest announcements, etc. Here's hoping.
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    Old style was better hope it makes it way back!
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    Didn't it disappear around the same time as the security vulnerability was discovered? I'd guess they were related in some way.
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    Turbine forums are not here to be helpful.

    The front page was supposedly a resource hog and they had intended to take it down and replace it with something better.

    Maybe when MyDDO gets out of BETA will have a new front page.
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