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    Default Jinx's Trade Emporium

    My Needs:
    Items I am looking for: (not in order)

    TP Codes
    +1 Lesser/Greater Hearts of Woods
    Astral Shards

    EE Blue Dragon Helm (+3 WIS) x2
    EE Intricate Optics (+3 INT)
    Avithol Ring (+2 WIS/DEX)
    Dun'Robar Ring (+2 CON/+10 Stunning)
    Dun'Robar Ring (+2 STR/10% Tendon Slice)
    EE Backstabber's Gloves
    EE Consuming Darkness x2

    U19 EE Items:
    Fell Shiv (Stumbling)
    Frostbite Blade x2
    Giant's Fists x2
    Gloves of the Master Illusionist x2
    Shade's Hood
    Skullduggery Kit (Seeker/Dodge/Protection)
    Prison Break (Solar/Anarchic/Acid)
    Shield of Morning (Axeblock)
    Magistrate's Scepter (Ghostbane/Ribcracker/Riposte)
    Trapsmith's Crossbow x2
    Nether's Orb (Enhancement)

    EE Gianthold Items:
    Adamantine Knuckles x2
    Allegiance x3
    Arkat's Cord x2
    Belt of Seven Ideals x2
    Black Dragon Helm +8 DEX, +3 CON
    Bulwark of the Storm's Fist
    Charoush's Inferno
    Chill of Winter
    Copper Ingut Arcanum
    Crystalline Scepter x2
    Ghost Waking Cloak
    Giantcraft Siberys Compass
    Girdle of Giant's Brawn x3
    Gloves of the Forgotten Craft x2
    Great Axe of the Chained Soilder x2
    Hammer of the Leaden Clouds x2
    Jeweled Cloak x2
    Madstone Skull Orb x3
    Manacles of the Ceaseless Toil x2
    Mantle of the Dragonfriend
    The Mountain's Fist x2
    Ring of Stormreaver's Prophecy
    Shamanic Fetish x3
    Skyvaults Shield
    Spiked Boots
    Steady Handed Armbands
    Surefooted Boots
    Tourtured Livewood Bow
    White Dragon Helm (+3 STR)
    Windlasher x2

    (EH) Black Dragon Helm +3 STR
    (EH) Blue Dragon Helm +3 WIS/+3 INT/+3 CHA
    (EH) Intricate Optics +3 CHA/+3 WIS/+3 INT

    Older EE Items:
    Bastation x2
    Bracers of the Twisting Shade x2
    Corruption of Nature
    Ironwood Kopesh
    Leaves of the Forest x3
    Nether Grasps x2
    Swailing Blade x2
    Thunderstorm Cresent

    Random Stuffs:
    Drow Smoke Goggles
    Drow Smoke Cloak x2
    Pale Rod
    Sacrificial Dagger
    Arachic Device
    Staff of Necromancer
    Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate (+8 STR, +3 STR, +3 CON)
    Spider Spun Caparison (+8 DEX, +8 DEX, +3 WIS)
    Spider Silk Robe (+8 INT, +3 CHA)
    Stonedust Docent (+8 WIS, +8 INT)
    Drow Qstaff (10% Tendon slice)
    Drow Scimitar (Stun 10)
    Planar Focus of Prowess (+8 STR)

    I have all:
    Shadow Dragon Scales x100+
    Fire Dragon Scales x100+
    Dwarven Ignots x100+
    Black Stones x100+
    Heroic Dragon Scales x100+
    Epic Dragon Scales x100+
    Ancient Relics x100+
    Restored Relics x100+
    Small/Medium/Large Shroud crafting ingredients x100+
    Epic Red Dragon Scales x100+
    Epic Green Dragon Scales x100+
    Alchemical Ingredients x100+

    I have multiples of every Epic Scrolls in the game.

    500 Major Mnemonic Potions

    Other Stuffs:
    Mad Lute x2
    Daggertooth Belt
    Ethreal Bracers
    White Dragon Helm x2
    Black Dragon Helm
    Blue Dragon Helm
    Boots of the Innocent
    Ring of Unknown Origins
    Belt of Seven Ideals
    Gloves of Forgotten Craft
    Docent of Quickening x2
    Large Collectable Bag
    Large Ingredient Bag
    Large Gem Bag

    Upgradable Stuffs:
    Dampened Shatterbow
    Souleater x2
    Dampened Greatclub of Scarag x2
    Dampened Robe of Dissonance x2

    Upgraded Stuffs:
    Vampiric Stonedust Wraps
    Any Sentinels of Stormreach item upgraded

    Menechaturan Stuffs:
    Tourney Armor x2
    Vambraces of Innerlight x3
    Vulkroom Fighting leathers x2
    Vulkroom Devrish Robe x2
    Robe of Fire
    Silken Mail
    Cape of Roc
    Ring of Baphomet x2
    Bejeweled Letter Opener x3
    Golden Greaves x2
    Dynastic Falcata x2
    Staff of Inner sight
    Sirroco x3
    Deftness Bracers
    Hynea Claw Necklace
    Unkor's Cleaver
    Spiked Turban

    Also have PP and Raid Timer Bypasses
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