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    Quote Originally Posted by jsmith2500 View Post
    Although I am a little new to the RP community I have started to learn fast! I am loving the RP thing.

    Here are my Charaters:

    Jeighsin - Halfling Rogue - Specializing in traps and locks. Was pronounced leader of the guild Disciples of the Silver Dragon.

    Memolie - Elf Rogue - No real bio yet...but he does talk to inanimate objects from time to time for some reason.

    Look forward to seeing everyone!
    Welcome to the RP Community here. Remember to come to Sarlona Sul, great place to meet other RPers
    Quote Originally Posted by FlimsyFirewood View Post
    I'm on it. Nerfing the new thing asap.
    Also, nerfing the old thing too, for balance.
    Quote Originally Posted by Failedlegend View Post
    nnnnnnnmn....Pie is greater than Cake....nnnnnnnnn
    ^^^^didn't need to hypnotize me to make me say that :P ^^^^^^

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    I'm VIP I can actually post here now.

    Short History: Grimnal has been a part of the order of the god Dol Dorn since even before they left Stormreach 20 years ago. He watched as the current Captain of the Order rose through the ranks. Happy to stay in his chosen station as healer, all thought still longs for the combat that lead to his "spiritual awareness". Since he has been in the order for most of his life it has been a strain for the past 5 years. There was a strange reason why they didn't want him on the front line. Even when he appeared willing and able he would be ordered to stand down and return to the infirmary. He never disobey an order. When he heard that there was an expedition planned to go to back to Stormreach he volunteered to go. He needed a break from healing and looked forward to bashing in some skulls for a change. Even this act took every favored owed to him to get the authorization. ......more in game

    If you ever need help questing, or new to RP or bored and want to rp I have been known to stop what I am doing and return to the tavern for a long as you dont ask me to drink a dirty kobold *BLECH*.

    **Edit** Play time Fri & Sat 10ish pm - 2ish am (hey I have a family or I'd be on all the time )

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    Looking for a role play home or just a place to enjoy the journey through Eberron then come and check us out! New to role play then come and ask I wont bite.

    My RP Blog on Grimnal
    Official Recruit Thread
    Guild Site

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