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    My group started out by kiting her, but that was a massive SP drain to take her HP down to spawn spiders. After that, we moved to tanking her inside the flame, and she would occasionally run off in fear.

    The thrower did a form of debuff that really let us get some good damage on her, we ended up wasting too many so the melees had a bit more difficulty in taking her HP down.

    She apparently has Rogue levels, so can now sneak attack and possibly crit you with the fort bypass things. Anyone tanking or kiting her would do well to have exceptional fort.

    Toward the end, when all the Hezrou's started spawning, I ended up having to Blade Barrier kite everything just to try to control things a bit.

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    I ran through the epics in sequence last night with a bunch of friends and guildies, moderately geared, after doing 1 run on hard to flower sniff. 1st quest I 2-manned with another melee and the others were 1 death each, 0 pots (I fell in the spikes in overlord and let a melee due in spinner because I wasn't paying attention). If that's not easy then I don't know what is. I think once people learn them they'll be comparable to VON epics in difficulty. I was actually rather disappointed that there were no nasty surprises on epic that wiped full parties.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarisa View Post
    She apparently has Rogue levels, so can now sneak attack and possibly crit you with the fort bypass things. Anyone tanking or kiting her would do well to have exceptional fort.
    I doubt it was that, I have a 150% fort on my guy.
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    I ran it for the first time yesterday with three other first timers and two people who had done it before... we managed to have no deaths on elite. Do not think it is all that bad when done right

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    The spinner uses a very potent poison spell that does about 500 damage and can't be prevented/reduced. You'd do well to have someone with very high HP and intimidation tank her with a CCer on the platform to control Hezrous and a dedicated healer for the tank, while the other two members of the party go around killing spiders.

    The spinner is weak to force damage, so magic missile and Lucid Dreams are very effective on her.

    The 2nd quest is extremely hard on epic. Between the archers, the renders, the hezrous, and the huge waves of spiders which will cause alerts, you have your hands full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elraido View Post
    It was fun on epic. We really didn't have any issues in my guild run. The spider queen was a little bit of a pain for our healer....he went threw a decent amount of pots. Then instead of having a tank tank her...after we finished, we thought maybe it would be better to kite her around. Of course that was after the fact.

    Side note, anyone know what attack the Spinner of Shadows attack is that does massive points of damage....i.e. killing my paladin with over 700 hit points in 2 hits? I quickly looked and thought it said demon something something. It only seemed to hit when I wasn't shield blocking and it didn't hit my guildie either, but he is true neutral.
    You probably got hit with the the greater Demon Venom. And I decided to try a different venue and run epic on my monk, and I did notice that things went much smoother on epic. I have confirmed though that kiting the Spinner is easiest. And I even discovered a nice kiting method that works beautifully.
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    New quests hard? No... Tedious? Yes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Melcena View Post
    As I was blasting through the first quest in the new chain on elite on Ormadil with a group that was fairly free flowing, even without a cleric, I thought that much of the pack would be a breeze. I was rather painfully pointed out that that would not be the case in Servants of the Overlord. As I watched a group of rangers start to blast holes in many of my companions, I realized something. There was not a single enemy in that dungeon that was under a 25, which was the rangers that hit us for 40-60 damage per hit. For a L18 quest on elite, isnt it a little strange that the monsters would have such high CR? We made it to the end room and survived the first major fight, before getting wiped on the second. I honestly think that this quest might just be the new hardest quest to complete on elite at level. Even bypassing shroud.

    Let the discussion begin!

    These quests were a bit challenging to solo on elite, but by far not the hardest elite quests to solo. The optional was challenging, and I struggled a bit until I came up with a decent strategy.

    I can only imagine a good party has a lot less difficulty. I'd rate them above sins elite and below new invasion elite, for example.

    I found the third quest far more difficult to solo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by achitophel View Post
    Hardest quest: Threnal Library

    I agree. There is no quest I fear more.

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