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    Default How to post an image or a screenshot on the forums

    Choose your favorite image hosting website. I've been using Imgur lately and i like it. it's fast and very easy to use, and you don't even have to sign up to use it. other options include ImageShack, Photobucket, Flickr, and Picasa

    my instructions will use Imgur. i've used all the other sites i listed in the past, and IN MY OPINION Imgur is currently the easiest most user friendly of the bunch currently.

    1. you found a cool image, or took a cool screenshot and you want to share it with the DDO community (or heck, any other forums that uses BBcode). first step is to get it online. go to the hosting site of your choice (imgur in this case) and find the "Upload" button. some sites give you the option to upload from your computer or from the web, some don't. in this case, we are uploading from your computer.

    2. that will open a dialog box prompting you to find the file on your computer. find the file in your computer, select it, and click "open"

    3. Imgur will upload the chosen file and present you with a page that has your picture on the left, and a list of links on the right which should look like this:

    at this point (if using Imgur), you have two choices which will work equally well. you can EITHER:

    4.1 Select the "Direct link" (if you are not using Imgur this will be a line of code starting with http:// and ending with what kind of image it was .jpg .png .bmp or .gif usually... with nothing before or after) and copy it, then go to the forum and find the "insert image" button*...

    and paste the line into the box that pops up, like so


    4.2 Select the "BBCode" link (if you are not using Imgur this will be a line starting with [img] and ending with [/img] ), copy it, and paste it into the 'new post' box

    DO NOT TRY TO USE BOTH AT ONCE (broken picture links make baby seals cry)

    add whatever descriptive text before or after the image you want... and then "Submit New Thread" or "Submit Reply" as appropriate... and

    viola! your image has been posted!

    hope that helps!

    *not all forums have an "insert image" button. DDO forums do, but keep this in mind if you are carrying these instructions to another bbcode based forum

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