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    Quote Originally Posted by sebastianosmith View Post
    Threnal! Coyle is a suicidal maniac bent on achieving Nirvana through sheer tenacity alone. He is, of course, doomed to failure in his goal as he learns nothing from one life to the next.

    OMG!! One of the funniest comments i have ever read on here, my cubicle neighbor thinks im unbalanced now b/c of the extended chuckles, thanks for that.

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    Threnal without a doubt. However, I get annoyed by any of the escort quests. "OH save me brave adventurer, and I'll help you by attacking anything I see without any weapons."

    Seriously? Coyle is the worst about this but darn near any person you have to rescue will just charge straight into battle or that trap you hadn't disabled yet. The only reason to run it is for the Mantle and honestly I've only gotten the Mantle on one character. Haven't bothered with any of the others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Isolani View Post
    Just came back to the game recently after a bit of a break and started up an artificer TR. Ran most of the chains. Skipped Threnal because it is awful. But I found necro IV to be a pain now too. Fleshmakers is horrible with the air elementals being back to their old ridiculous selves. Fleshmakers was an ok xp run with the weak air elementals, but now it is infuriating to do this solo + hireling. I don't mind the knockdown, which has a save, but getting constantly thrown off the catwalks by the no save knockback just makes me want to take a sledgehammer to my pc.

    Then when you clear the elementals and have a short time window to get your hireling to help you light runes, you have to fight with your hireling's horrible when you tell them to activate a rune and for some reason they run off in the wrong direction then just stop and stand there. Or it will run up to the rune and then tell you it's too far away to activate. And by the time you actually get the hireling to do something, the elementals have respawned.

    Also, the 4 random sigil pieces are harder to find now, since I seem to find the quest specific one almost every time I run these now. I did 8 temple of Vol runs and got 8 of the Vol sigil pieces for instance...that makes it pretty freakin hard to get the random ones. I had to ransack GoP, Vol, Fleshamakers, and then got the 1 random piece I needed on my 4th Inferno run. Not looking forward to doing this again next life. I wish they would just add a chance for these to appear in the completion reward list or something. I may just skip litany flagging next life, no way I'm running 25+ quests just to get 1 sigil piece again.

    They have added that crafting thing to Necro IV now, would it really have been that hard to put in a recipe to let us exchange 2 or 3 of a sigil piece for 1 of a different one. Because having 8 temple of vol sigil pieces and zero of the center frame piece isn't really helping me.

    Anyway, Necro IV isn't the worst, but it isn't one of my favorites anymore either. I thought I read in an update note that they had changed the drops for necro IV chests, but if anything, litany flagging seems worse than ever to me. I never had to do that many quests for 1 piece before.
    The sigil pieces now drop in any of the rare's chests in the Orchard. So farm those for awhile for taps and you will likely fill in you gaps. I have just farmed the orchard for 1500 kills and got all but 2 of the sigils, enough taps to choke an undead horse and a few shield fragments and tome pages too.

    But on topic - yes Fleshmakers is now almost unbeatable solo even duo is hard - but 3 or more and it is nearly trivial.
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    #4 Restless Isle (Lots of foot traffic)
    #3 Tangleroot Gorge (Good xp but mindless and so blasted repetitive)
    #2 Threnal (We all know the story here)
    #1 The entire instance of Three Barrel Cove ("...We hates it, Precious!")

    I've only run Tangleroot and Threnal for the gear. When I do make the favor run again I'll go back out to 3barrel, but I can understand Threnal being #1 and endorse the sentiment. I think the thread as a whole speaks a loudly enough request for change... post the new release.

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    Default Opinions are like.....everybody has one and they all?

    Well, in my mind here are the chains that I don't see posted very often at level:

    1. Sentinels
    2. Carnival
    3. Sharn Syndicate (to a lesser extent by far than the two above)

    And, in the current trend of the day being to TR often, the quests in the chains above except for an odd exception here and there are not great xp per min, and don't really offer anything interesting for rewards or renown above and beyond the norm. I can't find any desire to run these when bringing up a TR, and if I go by general LFM postings, I just don't see them up often at level. Its almost a rarity to see them posted. Sentinels in particular is really probably my vote as worst in the game, (discounting 3 barrel cove but that thing is so dated and weak I'm just assuming its not even worth listing here!)

    Now there are a lot of rants out there about Threnal. I like Threnal, and I do actually run the full chain every other life or so just for fun. Also, the Mantle is great on a TR, especially now that the trinket spot is ever so full of better goodies to put in there rather than slot voice. As a pure XP farm, its not worth it to do the whole chain though. But, I still like it as a run now and again.

    as for Co6, I think its a great chain, I run it every life just for the metal type staves that drop on chain end reward (hence the nickname Cult of the Stix)......those things rock if you are a crafter....they always come in handy as a DR breaker or undead beater for low levels and any class can use them and they are bound to account making them very handy. Same with Catacombs.

    As for Tangleroot, this is something I do every life for the XP, its a grind, and XP farm grind..that's it...its not about the fun of it, its a pure XP grind that puts out a lot of XP per min if done correctly.

    I saw comments in this thread about Necro IV. Nothing to complain about here even Fleshmakers with a mediocre party on elite at level is trivial. Its just not easy to solo, so what post a PUG its no big deal.

    Now Necro III as how blade barrier from hires no longer makes Tormented trivial, I will probably skip its just too much time to mess with now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Llewndyn View Post
    I would like to share a story, then quantify which chains that, unless you are willing to start over, you will NEVER fill up a group for.

    Last night, join a Co6 Elite run. The leader was a rogue/ arti/ ranger splash, so I figured traps were covered. I get in, tell him I will buff and head to the caves, and he reiterates it's just Co6. D'oh! I had spaced that. Couple other people had as well, as they piped up at that point saying no one had flagged for it. Leader is annoyed, which I understand, and we go in and do the Sorrowdusk part.

    It's going really well, TBH, sub 4 minute runs on everything, Get to Co6, go through the first 2 there, even though he said something about how he hadn't planned on running the other chain and how he didn't like us infringing on his time I figure 12 extra minutes to get people flagged can't impact his playtime too much... get to the big temple and he ragequits. In the middle of everything. Just leaves. As you all know, this was right before the one with all the mephits and fire traps. On elite. and the highest level amongst us was 9, the sorc I think. We had a couple toons with sub-100 HP.

    Long story slightly shorter, we finish, out of a full group at the beginning just me and the sorc at the end, but it got me to thinking. What quest chains do you run that you know the only chance of getting a group together is to restart? Off the top of my head I am thinking:

    Sorrowdusk/ Co6

    I can't think of any others. Even like Delera's has good enough XP you can jump in at any time and run them, and the necro ones and VON and all that are non-sequential... Did this guy getting annoyed and ragequitting for us wasting 12 minutes of his time have merit? I know he had Co6 in the LFM and me and 3 others ignored this, but was I in the wrong or was he?

    EDIT: ROFL, Wrong area to post this. I am too lazy to move it though.
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    Personally, I love Tangleroot.

    But I'm - on the other hand - still fairly new to the game. I don't even own all of the packs.

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    Seriously? Coyle is the worst about this but darn near any person you have to rescue will just charge straight into battle or that trap you hadn't disabled yet.
    Zerg all the quests! My kind of NPC ~ Just soloed the chain last night, i would say the only thing that needs to be changed is the base xp - ~3k with streak and xp tome is ridiculous for 15 mins.
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