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    Default Various UI Thoughts

    1) Hotbars: 20 of them, 200 slots. This is nice, but believe it or not there are builds which fill over 190 of them. With the expansion, will this be capped at a higher amount to accomodate?

    2) Three-bar characters: These often appear bugged, and you can't tell what their Ki bar is at. Can this be fixed or will this prove even more of a problem? This has been suggested before, but needs adressing.

    3) Warforged HP: Can these show up in a slightly metallic red to show they are WF?

    4) Palemaster HP: Can these show up purple to show they are PM? This has been suggested before, and still needs adressing.
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    I have both the health bar of the own played character turned on & of the enemies as well.

    I'd like to have a colour for the own character which makes it easier to distinguish both.

    (And currently, there is a bug going on which lets the enemies' health bar display the exact same amount of health that the enemy attacked by me has !)
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