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    Quote Originally Posted by brzytki View Post
    It's -10% actually. Only the penalty to fort save stacks.
    Weird, you're right. Funny enough, I have and use it on my Kensei. Wonder how/when I got the numbers mixed up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lavek View Post
    dt rune is -4% fort unless somehow it has changed to improved destruction
    Man, I really was off my game last night. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by destiny4405 View Post
    LoB has same fort on all difficulties, 80% (i mean 70% ), so you're doing same damage on normal and epic.
    I did not know that. Off to eLOB I go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogann View Post
    If its been a couple mins i proceed to send them a tell saying: "I got 44 str unbuffed" or "Im max geared" Then the leader usually accepts me.
    I would rather not run raids led by someone that either doesn't understand game mechanics or is lazy. My bet is that in most parties you join after sending a tell, you'll contribute far more than the party leader does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zonixx View Post
    I accept rogues and then wait until they join and I see that they have 274 hp before I kick them.
    Whew glad my Rogue has 275HP...
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    Quote Originally Posted by delsoboss View Post
    Here is a complete glimpse rogue DSP :

    than remember....never trust this class xD

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