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    Default Module unequiped upon summoning iron defender

    It just recently started happening. When I summon my iron defender, his module gets deposited in my backpack and I have to equip it again.

    I submitted a bug report.

    Anyone else having this issue?
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    Does your module have an alignment attribute attatched to it, like chaotic/anarchic whatever. this started happening to me when i put a chaotic module on my defender, then not thinking about it redid the enhancements on him and left off the "bad dog" enhancement. the next time i logged the module had dropped off and i couldn't re-equip it until i re-redid the enhancements. since then every time i dismiss him and re-summon his module is off again. there must be some alignment check that takes place in this situation

    The other thing i noticed is you can't attach a docent with a guild slot on it, presumably because your pet isn't in the guild with you. anyone know how to send a guild invite to a pet?

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