THACO is flagged for Von and I'm sure that you all are eager to get in there. I am in another guild (SDK) that is in a similar position, casual players that for the most part haven't seen Von either but are not numerous enough for a full group. I have been talking up the idea to combine the two groups for mutual support and enjoyment. I'd like to suggest that THACO had to hire some mercenaries to help them complete a quest. We would have to give priority of positions to THACO and absolve SDK from our gear and shrine rules. I'll see if I can get 'one weapon set and one ring' concession. We'll probably will also have to relax the level ranges allowed in, not vastly over level but I don't know yet exactly who will commit to this. I'd also like to suggest that for easier scheduling, that Saturday be considered as well as Wednesday. If THACO is for this, I can get more details and commitments.

I have really enjoyed both groups for quite a while and really feel that the two guilds will easily mesh together. Let me know your thoughts on this.