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I will take a look at Cogs trapping skills, with a do-over of his Mechanic enhancements, to take Disable off the max, and stop using skill boosts to assist with Disable. We will soon find out what happens with a full party and the scaling we get. *crosses his fingers and takes another pull on the XXX jug-o-courage!*
Cogs....thanks for keeping an open mind.
I have just finished looking over mods for Disable and Search, and am beginning to believe the only things needed for a competent Trapper may be just Skills and Feats.
Enhancements and Magic Items will QUICKLY put you in the 95% success category.

I would guess a Disarm Skill of ~12-14 would give you about a 60% success rate in 10th Level Quests where the average DC is ~18.
Assuming of course a perfect world where DC's are static and uniform. (Which we know they are not)

See what your Disarm is without any Enhancements, just Skills, Ability Mods and Feats.