Currently, our playstyle has adhered to certain restrictions in order to maintain a "Classic" feel towards Magic Items and Treasure.
Magic Items ARE found in breakables in Normal Difficulty! Anyone who finds a Magic Item in a breakable may keep it.
"End Rewards" are NOT taken, except for any type of Guild Valor.

What is left is a random chance that any "CHEST" is actually allowed and accepted.
This single guideline is probably the hardest to adhere to, but is absolutely neccessary to keep Magic to a manageable level.
AFTER an encounter is completed, but BEFORE any found chest is opened, everyone in the party rolls a d10 in party chat.
ONLY the first TWO rolls are considered, and ONE of them MUST be a "1".
Otherwise the chest is left unopened and abandoned.

This percentage is in keeping with the Treasure Tables in the DMG Edition 3.5.

With that said, the Treasure Tables Percentage chance INCREASES with Level to represent that
higher level Monsters would naturally have higher value Treasure.

For our purposes, these percentages are as follows....
Levels 1-9...............(2) d10, 1 roll MUST be a "1".
Levels 10-16...........(2) d10, 1 roll MUST be a "2" OR LESS.
Levels 17-20...........(2) d10, 1 roll MUST be a "3" OR LESS.

As always, I invite comments from the guild.