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I've played in enough perma-death guilds that use the honor system regarding all types of rules to know that is categorically untrue. There are entire guilds full of players, like THACO, who choose to play a certain way because it is fun for them and cheating would be defeating the purpose of the self-imposed rules.

The 'potion quaffing' animation is also pretty noticeable. So even if someone's will power did falter, it would be obvious to the rest of the party.

I'm not arguing FOR more potion use, quite the contrary as I rarely use either, I'm simply stating that as a long time player I see little difference between consuming item A for hit points or item B for hit points except that item A (hams) simulate a self-cast vigor spell and item B (pots) simulates a self-cast clw spell.

I think it is great you are moving away from using them entirely except for what is found in quest.
Well said.
The comment about the potions was intended kinda "tongue-in-cheek".
I reguarded the Hams as rations to be used while resting, but using otherwise is just taking advantage of a tool.
They weren't supposed to be used in a fight either.