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    Default ... carrying the keys.

    zfjoe (AKA Calibhan) said, "But most importantly I want the Fellowship to know that I'm having a great time. I look forward to every Wed night and will check in on Calibhan a couple of times a week just to "go over the check list", so to speak. I think each and every one of us is a vital part of the success of the group and even when things go in the crapper I'm not disappointed. Calibhan and I of a like mind on this, aren't we Cali. Yes we are."

    You were warned about the riot of laughter, and the sore ribs and grin muscles, prior to joining! Fricko and Cogs are pleased to see you are having a great time as well, although it sometimes seem the inmates of the asylum have taken control, with the head Nutcase carrying the keys! *Grins at intruder1*

    Zfjoe also has some interesting solutions to our current set of problems. I can see Cogs three weapon set, which includes TWF and a crossbow, being able to deal fire, cold, and undead/incorporeal disruption, and perhaps keep the "Magic Use/Level" intact. It would either rely on a great deal of luck from endrewards and chests, or one-time "reward for being a good boy" shopping trip to AH.

    *grins, as he watches intruder1 squirm and grimace!*


    I agree, no permadeath, PLEASE! *Cogs shudders and orders more ale at the thought!*
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