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    Interesting playstyle. If I wasn't so enamoured with Mortal Voyage, I'd probably give it a go.

    Got to say, though, that being able to retreat and reenter fully reloaded on HP and SP an unlimited number of times is, to me, much more of a crutch then using shrines.

    In MV we use every other shrine, and it seems a good balance. We don't have as tight equipment restrictions (while there's very little we buy, we can use most everything we can pick up), but then again, it's permadeath EDIT: and we only play quests hard or elite at level or lower.
    The Core is, debatably, even more hard-core.

    As Talltale suggested, if you don't find a steady stream of guys to play with your way, you might want to check out one or the other. EDIT: Besides, I think you'll enjoy getting out of the harbor more often. To my mind, even fresh off the boat, with a few masterwork items, the harbor on normal is probably too easy to really have fun with once you develop your skill set.
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    Not for everyone. But if you're looking for a fresh experience with a slower pace and tactical play, come check us out at You might just like what you see...

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