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    Default Rogue feat questions

    Past life rogue and Helf Rogue Dilittante, do they stack?

    And does hamstring work with ranged weapons (such as repeaters)?

    that is all.

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    past life rogue has 2 parts:

    A) the rogue past life passive: +1 sneak attack on melee/ranged attack stack up to 3 times. works the same was as Tharnes' or other sneak attack items work, and stacks with them and any other sources of SAs.

    B) the rogue past life active: this is the one you have to use one of your general feat slots for. it's essentially a sneak attack action boost, giving a boost to sneak attack to-hit and damage, the amount based on character level, and it lasts for one minute each, has 3 charges

    both of these stack with all other sources of sneak attack (tharnes, rogue levels, helf rogue dill, ninja spy, etc.)

    as to the other half of the OP:

    as per the wiki:, hamstring is only used on a melee attack. i do not have any personal experience with this one, though.
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