Well Im a usual at any game that i play, i have a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY Hard time picking and Sticking with a Class. You guys might know me from all my other threads. And Well i still cant find the Right one. This Game is about having fun and I like to have fun. My Term of fun in this Game is Going into a Dungeon Hearing those Words of the Caster Buffing himself (No Potions) and then going in to battle swinging weapons, That is what i think fun is. But my So far character like that is my Kung Fu Buffer (So Far 2 Monk/5 Wizard). But Im wondering if there is another way to make a Combo like this, Melee Self Buffer? Thats it. And dosnt heal party. Also Another quistion is Arcane Archer good? Like the Enchantments of the Conjure Explosive arrows and that stuff, are those good? Thank you for everyone who helps me and helps all these new players or returning players out. And i hate you guys who are like, "ur dumb just no no body like noobs leave now" yeah... But Thank you!