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Thread: melee ash.

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    Default melee ash.

    Ah the first and most badass artificer Ashley J. Williams.

    Anyway ive been seeing some melee arti's popping up ever so few here and there. They did a pretty good job of being in the front lines to, though I think I'd probably beef up just a bit more with a past life.

    Only problem is im trying to decide which I should go for. Should I go int based or str based? With int it's any any stat. I can use it for to hit or dmg mod. Str of course covers both. Though an arti like a horc can amass alot of int through enhancement. Even more with race enhancements.

    As for the race that's a puzzler to. See a half elf is just awesome. You have the human stuff, as well as the elf dili which could be barb for an extra 20 hp plus 1 con, or a rog for the added SA (oh so sweet)

    However then you have a robot. Arti's and robots, a match for the ages. But of course you give up a bit as well. And arti's are at no difficult means of being able to umd anything. So normally id say helf. But heres the thing. If what ive heard is what will happen, a robot will benefit from the racial pre of stelward. Now that's nothing to slouch at when the helf only gets AA. Add in the enhancements and it fits for a good melee.

    I had also heard by word of mouth that a means of updating the trap feat of getting half from both ends could become 2 feats for 100% robot form. Making repairs a bit easier while holding what another race could give mainly bringing the attention to the humans and their choice of a pre.

    Lots of if's, lots of uncertainty. I'd almost guarantee myself id have to tr just because of it come summer but I'd like to at least be somewhat on the right track. If only their was a way to reincarnate yourself as a different race while still holding levels...(hint hint brother turbine, ud make a killing off that one come summer time)

    So what do yall think. What would the best and solid stat spread be for a melee arti? And which race. It will be a 34 point build. I'm not certain but I think that I would TR my barbarian into it for the past life. And of course he'll have whatever gear he needs waiting for him at lv 1 all the way up to an epic (I'm thinking chimera's fang as I have one lying around in ingredient form)
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    well now ive found one very real thing. Damn near every arti out their is ranged. So it'll take some first hand testing I suppose.
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    Efang is a very strong option if you do go melee. I will have to spend some time to think about the stat spread. Nice thing is you can pretty much dump dex. You could prolly do something along the lines of this for human

    That leaves you 4 build points to put where you want. Tomes etc will change things a bit. You could go 12 dex for better reflex, 17 int and 9 cha/dex might work... There is some play with it. It isn't worth going 18 str. lotsa build points for only +1 hit/dmg isn't worth it. Not sure it is worth it for 18 int either. I wouldn't go under 16 con tho being a front line fighter.

    Human would be nice b/c you can have that extra feat to pick up proficiency:bastard sword.

    Now, if you went WF, you could be this

    That looks a bit more promising. Along with con enhancements and immunities and self healing, this could work well.

    HElf might work for the snk atk... but you run into the same stat issues as you do with human.

    I was toying with the idea of making my next life arti melee. I would love to hear from anyone that has first hand experience with it. And I mean 1h with rune arm, not 2hf w/ great axe or something.
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    I've been looking at TR'ing a failed HOrc Exploiter that I ended up turning into a bank. If TR's keep tomes after U13 I was looking at a HElf pure Arty with fighter dili. Messing around this is what I got.

    STR 16 (+1 ftr dili +1 human adap)
    CON 15 (+1 human)
    INT 18 (+5 lvl +3 arty)
    w/ a +2 supreme tome at LVL7

    feats were

    LVL 1
    Augment Summon
    Fighter Dili

    Bastard Sword

    LVL4 Bonus


    LVL8 Bonus


    IC Slash
    Bonus Spell Focus Evo

    Greater Spell Focus Evo

    LVL16 Bonus

    Skill Focus UMD

    LVL20 Bonus


    Arty damage II
    XBow attack I
    XBow damage I
    to qualify for Battle Engineer

    Human Recovery II
    UMD IV
    Wand and Scroll IV
    Toughness II
    Full Force and Electric manipulation
    Force Crit VI
    Crit chance for Force and Electric I
    and the Capstone

    With no gear and no buffs that should gets you about

    270'ish HP
    almost 1200 SP

    and like a 29 UMD score

    So what moderately geared and buffed you're looking at ~450 HP, a bunch more SP, and a UMD of ~43.

    With the capstone to make full use of a wide array of clickies and DR breakers for every occasion should be a good fun build.

    Not a primary front line DPS, but if you miss swinging a sword like me whenever you play an arcane this should work.

    I don't know, might be more of a caster build. I don't know figured the difference in STR and INT results in either 4 to hit/damage or 4DC, and it just seems the 4 to hit is easier to make up with gear (goggles of attack +4).

    Anyway, I'm by no means a character planner, but I hope this helps. Or at least someone who knows better comes in and rips apart the build.

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    from what I found looking at a few other builds and a couple threads, namely some crybabies thread some months back was The best route was to start off with good str and con and max int throwing all level ups into it for the added rune arm use as well as a dmg modifier. Or to hit if things got a lil harry.

    As far as race I believe the new WF coming will win out. If you wanted to go a flesh route then human, or dwarf. Each has their give and takes.

    Ive found that in the harbor the repeater is still king even with a dex of 8 start. I'd even say would still be good soloing farther up, just not as grand a dmg. However with crafting levels and gear for to hit could maybe skate by on that 8 start. Definitely not in epics though.

    Then the real problem. To splash or not to. Was definitely a tough call. But the sheer versitality and useage of the capstone outweighed anything that splashes could bring, including evasion or the ability to use a repeater with solely the int modifier. (Though if mechanic is ever offered as a racial pre you can bet ur ass that will be the sole race of an arti)

    Feat wise I found you could hold off from taking bastard until later as the dmg of swinging 1 handed sword opposed to a 2 handed great sword or a repeater were just a joke to compare to to mention sheer survivability. (damn shamens and their hold persons)

    As a second life with clickies at your disposal survivability goes way up. At 20 with the cap applied, the world is yours for sheer versitality and application. Also where the extra to hit and the like is made up. As for a weapon, hard to tell. Epic chimera's is of course an obvious choice even without dragonmarks. Though other choices are interesting to. But that's a whole math game. And doesn't matter as ive got em all hah.

    Thanks for the input.
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