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    Default Project - 11wizard/9monk WF

    This is just an idea for the moment:

    11 wizard --> reconstruct, archmage 2, lvl 6 spells, ...

    9 monk --> ninja spy 1(shadow fade, sneak attack), Touch of death, karmic strike, improved evasion, stunning fists, ...

    The idea is to be a sort of selfbuffed melee toon with high dps(9 monk are for ToD 500 damage and karmic strike auto critic ). I think the new ring of the master artifice works very good here.
    I would also have a decent stunning fists dc, like 45+ with an epic spare hand (belt), to cover the lack in cc and to amplify dps*1,5.
    Suppose to start with 16-18 constitution(need decent hp!) and 15 dex (for gtwf), then how to spend the other points?better go strenght based or wisdom based?probably with only 9 lvl monk the ToD dc is already too low, and not sure we can hit a decent ac(or maybe yes?). And the bab is 14 (without dp clikie) so maybe going strenght is a better choice.

    What do you think?

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    My main character's 2nd life was a WF 11 Wiz/9 Monk. It wasn't bad, but I was glad to get him to 20 and TR him.

    While ToD was fun, it was too frustrating for me to count on for mobs, as they tended to run away right as I triggered it and lost the Ki. It was fun when it landed, though.

    However, I decided that the WF 12 Wiz/6 Rngr/2 Rog was more fun, so I hit 20 and TR'ed him almost immediately.

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