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Thread: PrE Splashing

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    Hahaha...oh...the entertainment this forums brings me is even greater than my enjoyment of the actual game.

    Baiting with an OP that few agree with and never coming back...

    Arguments that stutter and die as the person who said something foolish realizes he was quoted so he cant fix his post and instead has to lay low for a while...

    Two or three people convinced that the facts they are pulling out of the air are absolutely true, despite being able to check this information with about 3 seconds of work (you're already on the internet. Just google it. There are 4 different wiki's on the topic.)

    Good times all around.
    That said, I do not believe the PrEs are too front loaded. Just my opinion, focusing on casters, Monks and rogues. I'm not sure if the others are front loaded (it seems unlikely, but is possible).

    If they are...well...good for them. They need it for certain builds to be competitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoasterHops View Post
    I think if they changed the Lvl 6 PREs too much (Nerfed) then it would take away alot of the fun in building multiclassed toons. DDO's multiclassing is one of the awesomest things about this game, nerf it and it may not be good.

    Instead of Nerfing Tier I PREs, Buff Tier II and III, hell even create some of the Tier IIIs that are missing!
    This is definitely a topic worth addressing.

    I completely forgot this thread existed. Not that it matters much.

    I had the Kensai II/Ninja Spy build in mind when I posted this, as I prefer Monk pures. Secondly, I have seen a few builds that looked like a down syndrome child built them that actually outperformed the pure builds (e.g. Frenzied II/Tempest I/Rog2; Kensai III/Ranger 2) substantially. I was addressing these without being specific, assuming that the developers knew enough about balancing issues to address them internally.

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    ive actually made the frenzied II/kinsei I/rogue 2 and it was fun

    just cuz someone is pure don't mean they better, it seems like they'd be worse due to the fact that if something comes up that they cant face due to their relatively slim choices (fire sorc vs devils) then they would be utterly useless whereas a little more variety (18 fire sorc 2 monk vs devils) wouldn't be a complete fail
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    Quote Originally Posted by 404error View Post
    Thanks for the report and Whoa.
    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    This is talked about a ton, and nothing is concrete at this point. Enter bugs with examples. Tons and tons of bugs. Make Gazebo cry.

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    PREs are getting something of overhaul along with many other enhancement changes, including adding many new PREs.

    We are working to keep both pure builds and multiclassing viable.

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