I want to form a Static group on the Argonessen server.
Want to go from Lvl 1 to Lvl 20 then TR, Rinse and Repeat.
2-4 hours a day on Sat and Sun
I live in Europe now so my available time is unusual. I can play the following times.
Saturday 3am EST - 11am EST
Sunday 3am EST - 11am EST

I want to form a well balanced group that doesn't zerg. Ideally I'd like a party with:
1. Pure Cleric
2. Wizzy
3. Rogue (that can spot, search, disable, pick locks & evade)
4. Tank
5. Monk
6. Sorc

I'd like everyone to have ears (mic's a plus but not necessary), be able to work as a team, be respectful to one another, and have fun playing.

If this sounds like a group you want to be part of send an in game mail to Nnoitora (yes 2 n's) in the Argo server.