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    Default "Get Over Here," a versatank

    This build is named for the old mortal kombat move and inspired from The Catalyst (pure fighter epic tank,

    You get double intimidate, heal amp, meat bag, manyshot (with slayer arrows avg +25 and FE construct +12 damage so +37 total before normal modifiers), DR20%, UMD, echoes of power/cure serious wounds, and evasion. Your FE damage will add to your shield bashing damage. You might be able to fit some trap skills in with careful planning.

    Against the LOB you would start off with sword and shield. Activate fighter haste boost, human versatility damage boost, half-elf intimidate (longer duration with shield), switch to longbow and activate manyshot. After manyshot expires you switch to shield bashing and your standard intimidates until you can manyshot again (then repeat the above).

    Half-Elf Ranger 16/Fighter 2/Artificer 2
    S 16
    D 14
    C 16 +5 level +3 tome +6 item +4 madstone +2 rage +2 ship +2 yugo = 40/+15
    I 12 +2 tome (UMD, intimidate, concentration, balance, and a few trap skills)
    W 10 +3 tome (for monk dilettante)
    C 12 +3 tome +6 item +1 enh +2 ship +2 yugo = 26/+8

    F1 shield mastery
    F2 improved shield bash
    HE1 monk dilettante
    R1 FE Undead
    R5 FE Evil Outsider
    R10 FE Giant???
    R15 FE Construct
    1 PBS (for arcane archer)
    3 WFR (for arcane archer)
    6,9,12,15,18 toughness x 5 (past life barbarian and completionist if available)

    20 base
    10 draconic
    160 levels
    110 toughness x 5
    20 toughness item
    40 toughness enhancements
    30 GFL
    45 GS hp item
    20 yugo pot
    300 con
    755 total hp (4 less but 20 more so 16 more if you take PL barb and completionist)

    23 ranks
    8 charisma
    4 enhancements
    4 GH
    2 luck
    20 epic brawns spirits
    5 epic gloves claw
    6 GS
    2 coin lord
    3 completionist (2 charisma and 2 skills)
    2 past life barb
    79 total

    A skill focus intimidate could get you to 82 but at the cost of hp. Is there anything else you can do and still have enough hp, especially if you don’t have completionist available? Can I take all 4 intimidate enhancements with only a fighter splash?

    1.2 human x 1.2 monk x 1.1 ship x 1.2 tod ring x 1.3 claw
    247% heal amp

    Necessary equipment:
    GS cha skills item
    GS hp item
    madstone boots
    Epic brawns
    TOD ring with 20% heal amp
    Epic gloves of the claw
    Parasitic breastplate with obsession
    +5 HB of GCB adam tower shield & scimitar
    +5 HB of GCB longbow

    Fighter haste boost 1
    Fighter toughness I 1
    Ranger item defense III 6
    Ranger sprint boost I 1
    Ranger favored damage IV 10
    Ranger devotion IV 10
    Ranger favored attack II 6
    Artificer energy of creation I 1
    Artificer wand and scroll I 1
    Human cha 2
    Human con 4
    Human versatility I 1
    Human improved recovery II 6
    Half elf improved recovery II 6
    Racial toughness III 6
    Improved intimidate IV 4
    Elven arcane archer 4
    Conjure arrows +2-5 4
    Imbue force, acid, explosive, terror arrows 4
    Imbue slaying arrows 1
    79, so 1 point to spare

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    What's the advantage of 16 ranger/2 arty over 15 ranger/3 arty?
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