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    Default Need help with a first life Drunk!

    Hi everyone I need help with a build I plan to use as a first life only toon.
    Human 13 Druid/ 6 Monk / 1 Rogue

    My goals:
    self healing
    high physical defense
    good saves + evasion
    and good dps (or atleast good enough i hope)

    1) Being that it will be my first and only toon til I reach 20+ and start building alts, I want something high lvl to farm and craft gear.

    2) I have a tendacy to hit every trap in the game and pick fights I cant win

    3) I love druids and monks.............

    starting stats (32 point build)

    str 16 +7item +3tome +2ship +2insight +1ED +5morale(primal scream) +4size(animal growth) =40
    dex 16 +6 lvl +7item +3tome +2ship +2insight +2stance -2size(animal growth) =36
    con 14 +7item +3tome +2ship +2 insight +1exceptional +5morale(primal scream) +4size(animal growth) -2stance =36
    int 8
    wis 14 +7item +3tome +2ship +2ED(acute instincts) =28
    cha 8

    I hope the stats from gear will be easy to get but feel free to tell me otherwise (I dont really know, not a big equipment person yet)
    LvL ups will go into dex. Like I said before, I hit every trap in the game
    Once I have enough gear and a high reflex save I will consider LRing and put those into str.

    Toughness, Dodge, PA, Precision, Lightning Reflexes, NF x3, IC-B
    Max spell, Empower Healing, Empower, Quicken spell

    ED: FotW
    Tunnel Vision 3, Primal scream 3, STR 1, Acute Instincts 3, Unstoppable Fury 3, Overwhelming Force 3,
    Sense Weakness 3, Fury Eternal, Unbridled Fury

    Dance of Flowers, Brace for Impact, Unearthly Reaction

    Reasons for feats, ED, twists:
    I didnt grab stunning fist like I first planned, reason being I would lose one of the twist I have just to get a DC of around 50.

    Also I plan to use Overwhelming Force to grant me the abillty to render foes helpless. Sleet Storm to get Sneak attacks.

    Lightning Reflexes is better than most think 10% chance to evade magical attacks when it is applied (and in range).

    Not sure about Unstoppable Fury, rather its worth it or not.

    Packs I have: (currently around 1700 TP)
    Delara's Tomb, Devil Assault, Gianthold, Vale of Twilight, Demon Sands, VoN, Red Vens,

    Devils of Shavarath, The Restless Isles, Attack on Stormreach, Secrets of the Artificers and no challenges

    25 % incorporeality, 12% Dodge (before I add any into gear), 14 PRR (augment slot) 50 % concealment (Sleet Storm or Displacement)

    Reflex Save 11 base + 2feat +13 Dex +7Item +8twists +2 Bestial Nature = 43 unbuffed against spells
    +2 Rogue enhacement +3ED (Acute Instincts) = 48 unbuffed against traps

    Dmg Spells- Max Empowered Greater Creeping Cold, Wall of Fire, Ice Storm at -20 cost. Empower Creeping Cold almost free (1 sp)
    Fire Shield, Jaws of Winter and Baiting Bite.

    Healing Spells- Empowered Healing Regenerate -20 sp cost, Empowered healing Cure Serious (2 sp) and Cure Moderate (free)

    Unless Buffs, all spells will be cast when essense of the shrike is up or when im close to a shrine.

    Max UMD for Rez scroll. Concentration, balance, hide, MS and tumble as needed.


    1) Will I be able to solo EH with this build?

    2) Will I be able to survive a EE pug?

    3) What gear should I shoot for? Black Dragon Robes and Helm I know but what else should I consider based on the packs I have?

    4) any advice will be helpful

    Btw, the new enhancements wont ruin the build................ but me being me might

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    Default I missed a few things.

    +1 druid +1 human bonus to str = 42

    +2 Epic saves = 45 unbuffed against spells

    +2 way of the monkey = 52 unbuffed against traps

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