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    Default You know you are a Sarlona resident when....

    Yesterday (while the forums were up) i read some of the i mean threads and i was surprised to see that i know or have met many of the drama que.. personalities on Sarlona... Which got me thinking about community, and Sarlonaific meme's. So, lets see what you all think makes a Sarlona meme....

    You know you are a Sarlona resident when....
    ... Kehgeld has raged at you at least once
    ... you have fallen in love with Guen****
    ... a certain completionist has squelched at least one of your toons
    ... you have grouped with 555
    ... you have grouped with 555 and seen the awesomeness that is snowball storm @ L20
    ... you have heard gooney goo goo on a raid
    ... you have been in a group / raid / cyber and Tarnesh has fallen asleep
    ... you understand what guo ren means....and sometimes you write Xie Xie (rdasca)
    ... when specific players ragequit your raid before it even starts because theres "too many casters" and "not enough DPS." (Chai)
    ... ff you heard the line 'don't you know who i am? My guild has the highest lvl' (destiny4405)
    ... when nudly plays prince music to get the party pumped up....good times (bnastyy)
    ... when Presti or/and Brko have raged on you (flech)
    ... when you've seen presti and/or brko rage on others and they leave! (LadyAerys)
    ... when your DC is too high to join THAT group (Xoltaz)
    ... when you met THAT guy (Xoltaz)
    ... when you got approved by Kirris (Xoltaz)
    ... when you heared Tarnesh/Rattdog/Kc/... snore via voicechat (Xoltaz)
    ... when 555 calls you newb (Xoltaz) (Thanks for these Xol!)
    ... Sarlona.. the only server with 2 official languages. That's just how we roll. (gfunk)
    ... Iccir makes almost a third one (Arshan) I LoL'd at this
    ... Kirris has given you noob points! (Kirris)
    ... Certain LFM's make you embarrased to be an English speaker (Kirris)
    ... You see a private LFM half filled for a raid, create a new party for said raid, fill, complete and start on next raid before said private LFM even fills (Kirris)
    ... Your sorc gets turned down for Shroud because they need more dips (Kirris)
    ... You know who Zonix is, not because you ran with him, but because he is always trying to sell/trade you things (Kirris)
    ... You knew Kargon before he was famous (Kirris)
    ... what makes the third (edit FOURTH!) is the french/scot accent you're developing tarny :P (LadyAerys) so true!
    ... You know who Sissy is. (stoopid_cowboy)
    ... you know who Sissy is because of the "see who you are playing with" thread
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