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    Default Comming Back Help :D

    Hello Everyone,

    I am comming back after 1 year and i am trying to get a class that is built to perfection! (Pure Custimize Fun!) What it now seems like is the game is all casters, cause i made a test toon to walk around and see whats new while i think of a new class. But i cant think at all. So if the community can help it would be Awesome of you guys!

    I am looking for:
    -A Kind of Beginer class cause ive played for 4 years and max level 12.
    -A Class that can be a Team Player and Do some Decent Bar Fights
    -No Team Healer cause i dont like to take the teams loss... :/
    -Can do some Up Close Damage and maybe some caster

    Thank you Community!

    (One last quistion, too solve all of this if you guys have a Armored BARD Build that would be great cause i like playing cleric but what i said above, not the healing type of guy Thanks)

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    The Classic Rocker [20 Bard Warchanter] seems to fir all of our requirements:

    and works well with either Human or Half-Orc.

    It is not specifically built for PvP though, but for that a Tukaw build:

    is one of the best but certainly not optimized for endgame quests/raids......

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    Default Update

    Thanks JSbeer, ill look on tht Bard Build, now the Tukuw build, dosnt really intrest me for some reason. Community Keep Putting Suggestions, BUT Also give me some advice about the Kung Fu Caster Build (Halfling 12 Monk/8 Wizard) I think it looks like fun and seems Powerful, is it Powerful?

    Thank you

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