Hello mga pare at mare! If you are a pinoy or have filipino blood and would like to come play with us, please hit up any of the pinoy players or post here or send me a pm. Let us all group up, schedule and do all pinoy raids! the americans, french, singaporeans and koreans have done it, why not we? so far, here is the list of pinoy players on ghallanda on and active as of today.

Ginawa-Ginyi, Sochan
Nins -Fatal
Haywoood -Residntalien, Spidermonkee,Yammamotto
Arowana -Tinygiant, Tinygiantx
Ligis - Surme, bohiontaka
Lizardo - Lichstein, Shredhead
Pinkylikili - Pinne, phaerowyn, parthenea
Gautama - Aftereffect, Fadedeffect, Cerealkeeler
Pathologist -Neurologist, Insulin
Jamoog -Jamog, Jammog
Aeru - eruhuan

Mabuhay ang mga pinoy!=p