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    Default Named Items drop rates

    I've noticed since coming back that the drop rate of named items seems very low (for me), even the loot iteself is fairly "meh", most quests I complete the rewards as well as end chest seems to have nothing better than vendor fodder.

    Has the drop rate been decreased overall or is it just a bad luck streak ?

    For instance I ran reavers fate raid in gianthold, and in the end chest (1.400 GP, 1,200 PP, Bracers of bless +3) and thats it.... it was the first time I'd run it in this life, and it was completed on elite. The other other chests were full of "gems" etc, and nothing greater than +4 armour, completely useless and worthless.

    The loot I used to get (1-2yrs ago), seemed to at least be of value when I was doing raids etc, so if I couldn't use it for my toon I could at least sell it for a decent price. Dunno, maybe just bad luck

    It just seems every end chest lately I get has 2 or 3 items in it and it's next to worthless . It seems all the loot is

    Can anyone suggest the best raids / quests to run for a lvl 17Tr Sorc for loot ? (stuff I can use for sorc).

    I just seem to remember the chests having much much better loot in them, especially on elite.
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