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    Default Abbot (& Costello) Learning Runs - Sundays

    Abbot (& Costello) learning runs - Sundays

    To all who joined the Abbot learning runs - I had a GREAT time. It was absolutely refreshing to have 11 other people who were patient, helpful, non-judgmental, and having a ball in our constant and often hilarious failures (like when I was explaining why NOT to run past the first line of tiles and 9 of us dropped into the water) as we all learned how to run the puzzles in Abbot. I'm not sure how I ended up with the star, possibly because I was talking the most, but I had so much fun I think I am going to make it a weekly thing. To the vets who have run this over and over again and can hit it up on autopilot: We could use a few volunteers to teach the tricks of the trade and whatnot, seriously we had an almost static group through 15+ failed runs, and everyone was having a ball, everyone swapped jobs (puzzles, scouts, etc.) and there was no ill will when we wiped. People shared the goggles, wands, helped teach strategies, I don't think I've had so much fun failing for 4 solid hours in my life. The last run we finally got all of the puzzles done successfully then no one knew what to do when we got to the abbot again :P


    If I hadn't had to take my wife to work I would still be running those. Group filled up in less than 2 minutes each time I threw the LFM up, as soon as we explained a completion would be completely by accident everyone who joined let their hair down and got their hands dirty. My favorite were the 3 or 4 who HAD run and completed saying they were only available for 2-3 runs who were there 2 hours later still talking about how spectacularly we had just failed.

    Let me know, I would like to get at least 2 vets who know how to run this and a timeframe (maybe 2 hours Sunday afternoons or something) where we can get a new cadre of cadets ready to take this raid on. It is a blast, I can tell you that. The only things I ask:

    1. Be patient: Only 1 person who joined had read any online guides besides me. NO ONE was rude or impatient or annoyed when like lemmings everyone at tiles jumped at the same time. We need to make sure no one is going to get all annoyed and nerdrage because we're there to learn.

    2. Completion is an optional: If we complete, awesome. But as I told every person who joined, if we DO complete, it will be completely by accident. Are we trying to complete? Absolutely, but when it took 3 tries just to get across the bridge... just make sure your epic gear is off so you can keep repair costs low.

    3. Even if you can solo a puzzle, that is not the point of this. As we did last night, though, having someone solo ice while 2 others went the slow way is acceptable, but just because you CAN solo or dual something doesn't mean you SHOULD.

    4. Be willing to give up your job: It's all about getting out of your comfort zone. I had always been given tiles. I am terrible at tiles. I learned I can do ice and roids with ease, but I am terrible at tiles. So I ran tiles over and over. Be willing (or at least no grumbling) to do the same. If you are a scout, have always scouted, great; Let someone else have a try at it.

    5. Death: There will be deaths. You may get through your puzzle easy and then everyone else fails. 8 people may go into ice (happened a lot yesterday). Be prepared to recall and reform a lot, even if your puzzle goes smoothly. I will pass out potions and stuff, but I was solo healing it just fine on my bard too...

    I promise the newbs will listen and appreciate it. The minute someone starts getting lame they will be booted. Let me know what you think and what time you would prefer, I am in CST and was thinking around 1-3PM CST.

    Thanks, and see you in game!

    PS - Alter, we should flag on Thelanis so we can run something like this there, that would settle our little wager, what do you think?
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    Sounds like good ol fun!!! Not sure I can make it but theese are the types of groups I'll be looking forward too. I'm coming back to game after a good break, so I might just roll a new character since I pretty much forgot most of the basics.

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    When I read the thread title, my first thought was VON training. Who's on first. What's on second. I don't know's on third.

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    Glad you all had fun!
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