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    Default Solo Vault of Night Raid

    This isn't as interesting as some of the stuff coming down the pipeline but I went to gather some data on Velah tonight and ended up soloing the raid, so thought I'd post about it. Looking around, there are some forum posts that have mentioned soloing Von6 before but I wasn't able to find any links of actual runs (only of people saying they've heard other people have done it before, but none that had screenshots etc.). Don't know if anyone on Orien has done it before, or if this is a first for Orien.

    Anyway I collect monster hit point data off and on but it is naturally difficult to do it for Velah, because she has fast healing, and it's difficult to justify having the group sit around letting buffs expire while I go solo Velah for a while, since that's healers' SP bars that are being wasted. So instead we have everyone except me go in and do the raid, while I wait at the end of Von5. Then once everyone finishes and recalls out, I wait for their instance to expire before stepping into my own instance. The group doesn't really need a low-DPS poorly equipped rogue to do the raid anyway. This allows me to do my own thing without worrying about wasting other people's time.

    It was actually somewhat easier than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised that unlike epic, there are no djinns to take out, only the pillars, although timing the pillars was somewhat challenging. It took around 15 minutes to figure out how and succeed at taking out all the pillars near-simultaneously, with a couple of tries. I then took some data on Velah's fast healing and HP for around 15 minutes, at which point I figured I probably had enough data, so with about 15 minutes left, I decided to actually try to kill her. It was actually pretty fast, since I already had her damaged from gathering HP data. Hence the 32 minute completion time. Obviously it could've been faster if I were going for speed but the run was just about trying to figure out a way to collect some statistics on Velah.

    Some screenshots:

    If I were more interested in getting good screenshots I probably would've noticed that Velah is partially blocking the sun or moon or whatever but oh well.

    Some statistics that people may be interested in:
    * On normal, when one pillar goes down, you have exactly 15 seconds to take down all 3 before all pillars are restored. Not tested yet for other difficulties nor of djinns. Note that getting a pillar below 5% of its health is enough to trigger this timer, not necessarily killing it. (I did not test if getting all 3 pillars down to within 5% of their health would complete the puzzle, or if you do indeed have to kill all of them.)
    * Her fast healing is once every 2 seconds. I'll work out the actual amount tomorrow since it's getting late for now.
    * Her HP will be worked out tomorrow. I'll edit this post with the stats once I've gone through the video frame-by-frame with the HP bar and the combat log.

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    Good job! I'm mostly impressed with you taking down all of the pillar in time (sprint boost and a bow)?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vanshilar View Post
    I'll edit this post with the stats once I've gone through the video frame-by-frame with the HP bar and the combat log.
    Actually I'm more impressed with your dedication to working out all the numbers of the game.

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    Default Solo Vault of Night Raid on Elite -- 22 Minutes

    Soloing it on elite proved to be a bit tougher, but I regeared a bit and redid my strategy a bit. This time, I didn't spent that much time killing trash on the bases, but just went for the pillars for the most part, with the trash just as a side concern. Because I had some failed runs on elite, I also already did some HP testing so this run was just doing it for completion rather than spending time doing testing.


    This was from the attempt the day before:

    I have bad luck.

    Unfortunately what I had in mind to determine the HP and fast healing rate isn't working as well as I thought, so I'm still going over it. However, currently it looks like Velah has around 8k HP on normal and around 20k hp on elite. The fast healing rate seems to be around 75 hp per second (in chunks of around 150 hp every 2 seconds) and does not seem to depend on difficulty, but I'm still looking over the data from that, but those are my rough figures for now.

    Thanks go to the various people that helped me clear VoN 5 so I can get a shot at this.

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