Turbine should add an account option for unlock Hard.

VIPs have a much more desirable elite unlock. TRs get hard or better unlocks.

For those that don't want a premium account and for whatever reason (lots of alts, on multi-servers, etc.) want to have hard perma-unlock, there should be an account option. Yes, some VIPs would switch down to that, but it wouldn't too significant and the price in TP can be adjusted to more than cover that.

A side advantage is that this should lead to more LFM for hard. Below level 15, I often see almost all elite LFMs. Think of the newer players! The number of new players lately seems to be very low relative to what it was a year ago. Running at level elite for most newer players can be pretty tough morally.

The question should be how much Turbine will charge for this. My guess ... 3995 TP (to maximize their profit of course!).
Please Turbine add this in!