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    Default Drama: Best Hire Ever

    So I was running cruicible Elite, We get to the water part. You know, with the spikes and everything.

    So we have 2 monks, and One with A Level 15 Cleric Hire, Jatrina Sartosa. Both of them go into the water. After some time, they both die.

    So I was thinking as a non evasion, I could perhaps buff my dex - Reflex and maybe, just maybe, be able to save them.

    But NO! This hire can do it all. Pick up thier stones underwater, and go through all the spikes (with careful positioning of course). Rez both monks, and hey we finished it!

    Fun times, that saved us from redoing such a long quest. (over an hour)

    Oh and we also got the 6 doors Wisdom one wrong for at least 10 times. We finally gave up and opened random doors. And the first one was the right one xD

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    You must be joking right? How could the cleric make it through the spikes without dying? Why would it go further than it's dead hirerer? Was it like die-summon-res-stand-swim-die-repeat?
    I'm real positive the cleric didn't have enough sneak or juice to get the horn...
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    Hirelings don't drown.

    Yanno, they don't have Heavy Fort, Con Items, GFL, Feather Falling...

    But they have underwater action.

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