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    Default A great chucker

    title kinda says it all. What do you think would make the best thrower? I know hafling has throwing bonuses, do any other races? Str is also part of the throwing damage right? Are there any any special feats class or race i should look out for? I would guess being a figher, barbarian, or perhaps ranger? any of them have any advantages? perhaps a combo ranger/fighter? or ranger/barb? I'm just trying to figure out if any might have something i wouldnt normally think of being kinda new to this game.

    i would guess a magical returning axe or hammer would be best, and sounds like fun, but i was kinda thinking a rock thrower. Perhaps a barbarian type with fur and a club, maybe a Half-orc? do they get anything for throwing bonuses? An elven or half elven dart thrower could be kind of interesting, the ranger esc/assassine or acrobat type perhaps?

    How much should i also work up melee weapon as i would think i couldnt use throwing 100% of the time.

    If i didnt have to go max lvls in fighter to be really great at it, how many lvls should i go with?

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    Drow get bonuses with Shuriken, and Monks can get 10000 Stars at 6th level which helps shuriken a lot.

    Unfortunately shuriken suck, with the worst weapon stats in the game.


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    Dwarf Fighter strength based axe thrower.

    Pickup Brutal Throw feat to use STR to hit.

    Enough DEX to qualify for Improved Precise Shot with tomes.

    Max STR and rest in CON.

    The dwarven axe enhancements work on throwing axes and also mean if it hits the fan you can put down the little axe and pull out the big one.
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    Smile Throwback

    So i have a cool idea in my head that i have been toying with for awhile now. You see i have alot of time to think when my paly is trying to catach up to the group in quest. Even after i use my haste clickies,haste pots and everything im still about a few seconds to late. And this is what happens. the group gets to the bad guys about 20 seconds before i do and they have alrdy set up agro and it is alittle hard for me to try and come in a still it. So what usually happens is that someone pulls agro when they usually die followed by the rest. Then im standing there slowing taking the rest down and self healing myself. Afterwords i grab all there stones and drag them back to the shrine listening to them say"why did that happen? dont we have a tank?shouldnt he have grabbed the aggro?" i try to explain to them that im slow and the caster keeps missing me with the haste.Poor slow dwarf.

    So anyways i came up with a idea."THROWBACK".
    Why not try and grab the aggro from afar before i get there. so that is when i saw your post.this might not be what ur looking for but here it is. Fighter 12/ranger6/monk2 dwarf. o and yes my paly is a dwarf defender. The basic idea is to use advantage of the axes throwing them and grabbing the agro. so this is how i planed it out.

    Lvl 1-6:ranger: this sets u up for deepwood sniper. Also gives u a solid base for twf. And i have a collection of those going with my paly right now. Also sets u up nicely to get ready to grab agro before u get there and get a ranger sprint boost"We dwarfs are natural sprinters,were not made for cross country"

    Lvl 7-18:fighter: ok so this is were we start to get are stalwart going and gain some ac fast. switch to better gear and start rocking it.Plus for like lvl 7-10 a wand/pot/wand/pot approach should work in helping keeping you self-healed.(wish paly would work but really need the feats.

    Lvl 19-20 and the new content coming out;monk: Two key feats were going to pick up at the end here;dodge and mobility. Also as the game is going it is more used to make a hp tank. we already got that going for us with constitution,dwarf,toughness,items,etc... also we will be picking up evasion from the two monk lvls. Also we will have the prestige and monk healing amp to help us out(ill have past life paladin too). There will be a good set up for helping incoming heals. and aggro management should be down to a art.

    Stats:34 point build

    * there will need to be a plus 3 dex tome used to make sure u get improved precise shot or use some lvl up points. 36 point would have a easier time. 32 manageable. 28 just don't see it but maybe.

    Ranger free feats:rapid shot,twf,itwf, diehard,manyshot(i would only use bow to begin when u get manyshot, but we know rangers can pull some aggro."quiet kiting you pointy eared elf. i cant run that fast."
    other feats:
    Toughness,Pointblank shot,range weapon focus,shield mastery, brutal throw, IC:slashing,Precise shot, Quickdraw(helps thrown speed),Improved precise,GTWF,Oversized TWF(could be changed),Past lifealadin, IC:thrown, then dodge and mobility with monk. keep that tumbling up if u got to hold a lot of aggro.

    Still kinda sticky with how the feats work at what times.

    Anyways thats my idea of "THROWBACK". Get it. You throw they come back. I have alot of projects going at the moment and my paly isnt getting much love but when i tr him this is what im going to do. I hope that help you out.

    The dwarf throws a axe before the enemy sees him. They charge in at the dwarf completely side stepping the others. "Thats right ugly.Come and get some!"

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